Gillespie Surname DNA Project - Goals

The goal of this project is to determine how many separate and unrelated Gillespie lines exist throughout the world.

We also encourage all testees to create and upload a GEDCOM for their direct male line which will be available for viewing by their Y-DNA matches.  

Many Gillespies throughout the world believe that they descend from the Rev. George Gillespie of Scotland 1613 - 1648 of Kirkcaldy Kirk.  Our DNA project has proven that there are many separate and completely unrelated Gillespie lines (different haplogroups) that believed they were descendants of this Rev. George Gillespie.  As those Gillespie lines are not related to each other as proven by Y-DNA results, they cannot all descend from that one male Gillespie line.  Unfortunately as of July 2013, our project has been unable to locate a documented male Gillespie descendant of Rev. George Gillespie. We do not have a DNA sample of this Gillespie line, but are still hopeful.

Most of the test participants represent Gillespie family lines that migrated to the United States. This project would benefit greatly by the participation of Gillespies still residing in Britain or Ireland. Additionally we desire test results for Gillespies that migrated to other areas of the world in order to arrive at a more complete picture of the Gillespie surname.

Gillespies that have UNQUESTIONED DOCUMENTATION of their line to 1700 or earlier in any of the areas in the British Isles may be eligible for assistance in the purchase of a DNA kit.  Please contact Connie McKenzie at