Gaskill and Related Families - Results

It looks like Don Gaskill is going to submit a sample!

Since I vary from Larry by one mutation (or vice versa), it will be interesting to see if Don matches Larry or me.

Our ancestry seems to be about equally balanced among Irish, Scots, and "English".

If we went to France as Huguenot’s we came back little changed.

My father’s mother told me when I was very young that we were descended from the Picts. I had the sense even then that this was a very important fact. Her father was a Pinnick and her mother was a Scott. I have been reading about the Picts just lately. They were described as “half-naked, tattooed, and fierce warriors.” One story describes a Roman legion being sent to domesticate the Picts and never returning. Apparently the Romans decided to leave well enough alone and never went back. This is not strictly a Y DNA issue but remember that half our DNA came from the women no matter what we think. That is, unless you are 46XXY or some other odd variant.

If you are reading this, please drop me an e-mail.


Hal Gaskill