The Freeland Family DNA Project - News

Update: 3/18/2012:  We have a total of 16 people who have collect their DNA results and have joined the Freeland Surname Group! 

Update: 12/22/09: We have 3 distinct groups meaning that 4 these people they have found relatives based on DNA matching. One group has 3 people with exact 12 marker matches. Hopefully other are sharing information which is what makes DNA testing a powerful tool.

Update 02/23/08: The following was contributed by Michael Freeland and explains the reason for including the surname Vreeland in the Freeland surname group:

"Michiel Jansen Vreeland immigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (Long Island, New York) on 4 August 1638 aboard the ship Het Wagen van Noorwegen. Sometime around 1650, he settled in the area that later became Bergen County, New Jersey, and he and his wife, Fitje Hartmanns (Wessels) Vreeland, raised a large family there (many sons). Michiel Jansen Vreeland is the progenitor of substantially all of the Vreelands in this country, many of whom “anglicized” their surname to “Freeland” in the late 1700s and early 1800s, as they migrated west into the areas that had been settled by the English. Those who stayed in New Jersey, and their descendants who migrated later than the middle of the 1800s, generally have retained the Vreeland spelling."

Post date 10/17/2007:

Isaac Freeland was a Revolutionary War soldier who re-enlisted at Valley Forge in December 1776. It's likely that he fought in George Washington's army during the most critical battle in American history.

Isaac Freeland Jr. was one of the most notorious figures of the Georgia Gold rush during the 1830's.