Delaford, Delafort, Delford, Delfort, Delforto, Faodlach, Faure, Fert, Feulliard, Feurt, Fford, Fforde, Foard, Foert, Foord, Foorde, Foran, Ford, Forde, Fordt, Foret, Forez, Fort, Forte, Forth, Forthon, Forto, Forton, Forward, Forz, Fourd, Fourt, Fuert, Furth, Lefort, Leforte, Liforte, Liforti, Loforti, Ten Voorde, Ten Voort, Voorde, Voort, Vord, Vort


Y DNA testing can link Ford families to each other and to their European origins, helping to overcome genealogical brick walls and to test the accuracy of assumptions about the relatedness of various Ford lineages.

The name Ford may have numerous origins in England and English-speaking areas of the British Isles, and Ford has been the adopted or modified surname of individuals from numerous non-English speaking countries, as well. Alternative spellings and changes from original forms are definitely known to include Forde, Foard, fford, LeFort, and Faure. Numerous other equivalent names are listed above. Any other Soundex F630 would also be an acceptable equivalent for surnames rooted in English-speaking countries. For Soundex see:

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