FamilyTree DNA Project Website: Epstein - Goals

The Epstein surname project aims to enable its members to determine whether, or confirm that, they are descended from the historic Epsteins; and to identify the family’s branches. For the members who are not descended from the historic Epsteins, the project aims to identify additional clusters of shared direct male ancestry.

Membership is open to males whose direct male ancestors bore the Epstein surname before the 20th Century, to Epsteins who cannot trace their patrilineal ancestry, and to those whose Y-DNA STR test results closely match the historic Epsteins’. Exceptions to these rules may be made by the project’s administrators under unique circumstances.

In addition, the project accepts members, male and female, who participate in the Family Finder program and who can trace any of their ancestry to an Epstein who was probably born after 1800.

Members testing for mitochondrial DNA HVR1+HVR2 or more who can trace their direct maternal ancestry to an Epstein matriarch who was born before 1800 are also welcome.