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We need participants from Canada, the Quaker line, and the Virginia line. We also need someone to take over the management of this group.

Lineage info on each of the group members may be found at: http://www.wexonline.net/edge/lineages.htm

The Y-search function is very interesting as it connects one with members from other test groups around the world. As more folks join these groups, there will be a greater possibility of connecting to them. It should make it easier to find cousins we have never heard of. Sharing our stories and research should enable us to create an appropriate paper trail. Please, be sure to upload your info to Y-Search and to upload a small tree, as well.

Please write to me directly if you are interested in joining us.

If you cannot donate DNA but would like to help, please let us know.

You may find it interesting to join the National Geographic study group. They make some very interesting comments about one's DNA results once they have your report. Your personal page will give you a link to them or you may go directly to their page: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/

There is an interesting group studying DNA projects - International Society of Genetic Genealogy. They have some really good resources for understanding DNA and its usage in tracing your roots.

For help in understanding the results, try this website:


Mary Ellen