To date one set of results has been received and this candidate's results reveal that he is related to a family of Lancashire Barlows. His results are also included in their DNA project as kit number 22784 with the closest match being Barlow kit #30538). At present we are working with the Barlow DNA project to establish the exact link between the two families. Have a look at the Barlow DNA project table for an idea on what can be achieved by linking together certain branches of a family using YDNA. The background colour indicates which families are related. Just click on a person's kit number to see their family tree. It is interesting that for the group coloured in blue, Barlow 30358 has the modal, or the most frequently ocurring, marker values. This indicates that he has what is referred to as the ancestral haplotype for that group. This means that his values are closest to the group's common male ancestor. The project is actively recruiting members and so if you are interested please contact the project administrator using the email address shown at the top of this page. The Eckersley Surname Project is a member of ISOGG (The International Society of Genetic Genealogy) which aims to promote the use of DNA in genealogy and provide education regarding what the results tell us. **** PROJECT RESULTS - PROJECT RESULTS - PROJECT RESULTS - PROJECT RESULTS **** Eckersley & Barlow In the past couple of weeks the results of our first kit have shown a remarkable resemblance to one group within the Barlow DNA surname project. In fact the DNA result shows that Eckersley (kit# 22784) and Barlow (kit #30538) are related. Both candidates have traced back their paternal origins to the late 18th and very early 19th centuries to within a five mile radius of north Manchester, England. Take a look at the similarity by following this link. A proposed tree showing the link between this Eckersley and the Barlows has been constructed using the evidence known, which can be seen by clicking on kit #22784. But qiute how this family of Barlows and the Barlow with kit #30538 are related is being researched at the moment. ^^^^^^^^^^^^FOR RESULTS PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Eckersley & Dilks A more distant link has been discovered between the Eckersley candidate and a member of the Dilks surname DNA project. However, the interesting thing about this is that the Dilks member is a much closer match to the Barlows shown in the table above. In fact he is only 3 markers distant ie 34/37 markers away from Barlow project member 30538 meaning that they may also be related! The Eckersley and Dilks DNA project administrators are currently investigating this - although one tantalising clue appears to be in the Herald's Visitation to the Dilks in the early 1600s where his report stated that the Dilks "had come out of Cheshire", to their home at that time in Leicestershire. This is tantalising because the earliest known Dilks in this line is Thomas Dylke born c1480 in Lichfield, Staffordshire which is the county next to Cheshire! To explore this Dilks line please go to this website ***************************************************************************************************