### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### NEWS ### (8 May 2005)News Just in - Family Legend Confirmed! As a spin-off conversation regarding the news from May 1st (below) a link has been made between the Barlows and two members of the Goff DNA Project. The Goffs had a family legend that their ancestors were in fact Barlows who had been orphaned in Tennessee in the early 19th century. An email regarding the DNA connection between the Eckersley candidate and the Lancashire Barlows sparked off recognition by the Goff Surname Project Administrator of the significance of the Barlow results. He found that there is a 37/37 marker match between the Goffs and a particular branch of the Barlows who also hail from Tennessee. Their results are haplogroup "I", one of the less frequently found genetic groups and the closeness of the match infers a common ancestor for the three a few generations ago. This exciting development is being investigated further by the Barlow and Goff DNA Project Administrators. It shows the power of genetic genealogy to help confirm (or deny!) those family legends. The Goff/Barlow results can be seen in the second table on the Goff website. And the 37 marker results tie in with those of the family of Alfred Hirton Barlow of Tenessee (see kit# 18375) (1 May 2005) DNA Results Confirms Suspected Link A suspected link between our Eckersley candidate and another ancient Lancashire family has been confirmed in this week. The Eckersley candidate had a set 37 marker DNA results and these have shown a close connection to a group of Barlows who claim descent from the Barlows of Barlow Hall, Lancashire. But until very recently this connection was not at a level that FTDNA would call "related", but fell into the "probably related" category. However this week a new set of Barlow results were posted which changed everything confirming that the two individuals are "related", being a 34/37 match. This conclusion would seem to be confirmed other evidence to hand including the fact that both participants have paternal roots within a 5 mile radius of north Manchester, England at the end of the 18th century. *************************************************************************************************** The project is currently seeking participants - to join the group please follow this link *************************************************************************************************** LINKS: Lancashire: Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Project Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society Manchester (General history) Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich, Tottington & Ramsbottom (towns in northern Greater Manchester, England). Cheshire Cheshire Family History Society Yorkshire Huddersfield and District Family History Society ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~