Dunn Family DNA Project - Results

Results of YDNA DNA Testing:

Male Dunn DNA Project participants doing a YDNA test with Family Tree DNA will see their YDNA results posted on the table along with those of other Dunn DNA Project participants. The table includes the Paternal Ancestry (earliest known/most distant paternal ancestor) as provided in the participant's profile. Participants are also asked to upload a GEDCOM version of their family trees as part of their profiles so that other project participants can compare with other matches. If you have not already done so, please post your Paternal Ancestry (earliest known/most distant paternal ancestor with dates and locations of birth and death) and GEDCOM.

When there are three or more closely matching results at 25 or higher levels, they are grouped into lineages. Tests at 12 markers provide insufficient YDNA information for inclusion in lineages. Tests at 25 markers often provide insufficient information as well. We encourage those with 12 marker  or 25 marker tests to upgrade to at least 37 markers. 

Other DNA Test Results:

The mtDNA test results are accessible to mtDNA test participants on the mtDNA link.

The Family Finder test results are accessible to Family Finder test participants on the Family Finder link. The Family Finder atDNA test analyzes chromosomes on 23 DNA pairs and compares the results with other test participants. A match indicates the two people descend from a set of siblings (brothers, sisters or brother/sister). These siblings could be of any surname in their shared ancestry.

YDNA results from other labs:

If you have Dunn YDNA results from another lab, you can have them posted on the Dunn project by ordering a transfer (at a nominal fee, depending upon the testing lab) from the Family Tree DNA website.

At this time, we are maintaining access to a supplemental Dunn Project website at World Families. Patriarchs (paternal family trees) submitted to the volunteer administrator by project members have been posted there. To have your Patriarch (paternal family tree) or other YDNA results posted, please contact the project administrator. To view/join the supplmental project site, use this link: