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Test Choices and Costs
The 12 marker test is useful for proving kinship to a test group with a number of matching participants, if you have strong archival documentation that you belong to that group. However, its greatest value is in deep roots (pre recorded history) tracking instead of genealogy within the past 400 years.
The 25 marker test is the basic test for separating the Dodds into family groupings.
The 37 marker test is will show kinship to a specific group having a common ancestor, even if documentation is missing some links or the kinship is unknown.
The 67 marker test is designed to help separate branches within a group of kinsmen. This is important where documentation for earlier generations is limited.

Whichever you choose now, you can always upgrade later with an additional fee for the new testing.

Current Costs:
Y-DNA12 (12 marker test for $99)
Y-DNA25 (25 marker test for $148)
Y-DNA37 (37 marker test for $189)
Y-DNA67 (67 marker test for 269)

DNA collection kits involve a painless swabbing of the inside of the cheek. The kit comes to participants by mail and returned to the lab by mail.

You may pay online, by invoice, or if you choose by calling the Houston Family Tree DNA office (number is on the application form.)

Links to Tutorials on the testing process, interpretation of results, and DNA use in genealogy:

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), affiliated with Dr. Michael Hammer and the University of Arizona, will be testing the Y-chromosome for genetic matches between males. DNA test results are placed in FTDNA's Y-DNA database and when 2 people show the same identical results, the lab will inform both parties (provided both signed the FTDNA Release Form). Project participants will receive a certificate and report from the lab generally describing Y-DNA sequencing and the meaning of the probability between matches.