Dodd/Dodds Surname DNA Project Website - Goals

We are targeting

the Dodd families who were present at the Revolution. If you have a Dodd/Dodds in America before 1775, please work to find a descendant to represent you!

Dodd/Dodds immigrants to America in the 1800's who may have ties to the Old World.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, any Dodd/Dodds outside the U.S. Canandians, Australians, New Zealanders, and of course, those of you in Great Britain and Europe, PLEASE join us in mapping the Dodd/Dodds genographic world!

If you are not included in one of the above groups, join just to show that there are all sorts of families with the surname Dodd/Dodds

DNA testing can help us sort out family groups and open new avenues for traditional archival research. It is not a quick solution but a powerful tool for the serious genealogist.

Because DNA is the clearest link to our most distant and nearest kinsmen, we acknowledge the need to protect the privacy of the DNA donors and living ancestors.