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(lucas) Lucas Cremeen Branch, Carmain, Carmean, Carty, Creameans, Creemeen, Creemin, Cremeans, Cremeen, Cremins, Crimeen, Crimmeen, Crimmin, Cromeans, Cromeans Cummings


 Ó CRUIMÍN—O Crumyne, Crimmeen, Cremeen, Cremin, Cremen, Crimmins,Cremeans,Cromeans,Creameans,Carmeans, Lucas', Carmain  New names to cremeen branches 'descendant of Cruimín' (diminutive of crom, bent); the name of a well-known family in Cork, Kerry and Limerick; of West Cork origin, and is a Family branch of MacCarthy and a distinct sept of the MacCarthy Clan and whose descendants where named Mac Ni(ny) Crimeen and also called(Mac Inghen O'Cruimin)origination of the MacCarthy Cremin sept in the 14th century arising from a birth to Donal Glas Mac Carthhaigh and the daughter of an O Cruimin.surname having undergone several traceable mutations to arrive at Cre(a)means and even

This group is researching  Cremeen surname and variants (there of)  to find its common founding ancestry . Through the use of YDNA genetic genealogy,if you have documented evidence of traceable family lineage from the area's of Muskerry,Cork Ireland and the areas of Glantnaw,Boola,Bweg,Kilashanig,Duhallow and you stem from a Cremeen/Cremeans,Cromeans,Creameans,Carmeans/Gradeless,and variants please join our project, We welcome your participation in our research of the Cremeen/variant Sept. (AMERICAN variants) up most important as there is many variants in existence today , have a single link to one founding ancestor Dating to John the immigrant from Dorchester,Maryland 1677 IF YOU HAVE YOUR PEDIGREE AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND IN YOUR PEDIGREE PLEASE FORWARD IT TO OUR FAMILY RESEARCHER AND CO-ADMIN TIMOTHY CARMAIN AT:, any additional information or questions please forward your email to

 Cremeans lineage is quite an ancient Hapo type This family falls within (Irish Type II haplotype), and is clearly identifiable by the
allele values of 10 at DYS 439 in combination with 10 at GATA H4.

with in its lineage, it is Northern European,Meditrainan,and west asian the precentiles are diffently highest concertrations in Ireland and the Iberian pennisula, its lineage is defined by 11 founding ancesters, with the markers of M42,M168,M89,P128,M45,M207,P231,M343,L278,P310,With its final progenator as L21>DF13>FGC11134>R1b- CTS-4466>A195>A88 and thru Isog classified as R1b1a1a1a1n+R-L21+DF13 South Irish type 2 ,Today, members of this lineage are widely distributed across Europe and West Asia. They reach their highest frequency ( Ireland where they and descendant branches contribute to between 35 and 38 percent of the male population. This line is 6 to 7 percent of male lineages in France. It is between 1 and 2 percent of male lineages in Germany. It is 2 to 4 percent of male lineages in Portugal and Spain. It is about 2 percent of the male population in theCroatia. 

even though FTDNA does not show MTDNA results from Geno 2.0 THIS IS THE RESULTS FROM MEMBER 251695 FOR HIS MATERNAL LINEAGE Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Haplogroup T derives from the haplogroup J'T that also gave rise to haplogroup J.
9/22/2013  MTDNA =T2B6B #251695

Haplogroup T is found in approximately 10% of native Europeans.[1][2]

Haplogroup T is currently found with high concentrations around the eastern Baltic Sea.

The geographic distribution within subclade T2 varies greatly with the ratio of subhaplogroup T2e to T2b reported to vary 40-fold across examined populations from a low in Britain and Ireland, to a high in Saudi Arabia (Bedford 2012). Within subhaplogroup T2e, a very rare motif is identified among Sephardic Jews of Turkey and Bulgaria and suspected conversos from the New World (Bedford 2012). Found in Svan population from Caucasus(Georgia) T* 10,4% and T1 4,2%

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R1b-CTS4466 Plus Haplogroup Forum  This is a forum for those whose paternal ancestry places them in the CTS4466/Irish Type II haplogroup/subclade. There we can network with one another, pool our efforts, discuss research and share results. Members of the project are not required to join, but you are encouraged to participate if this sparks your interest. Likewise, you need not be in the project to join the forum.  Note that joining the yahoo group requires you to create a yahoo account if you don't already have one.  If you are confused by any of the science, terminology, FTDNA's website, or anything else relating to the project or genetic genealogy in general, please feel free to post your comments, questions, and concerns in the yahoo group

The Eoganacht septs project is working to find patterns in the DNA results of associated surnames. These patterns will be compared against known surname clan members in order to create baselines for their respective clans.

Related forum: TMRCA Case Study - you are welcome to join and ask questions

The related TMRCA calculations and phylogenetic base haplotype relationships are based on work from Dr. Anatole Klyosov. 

  • Eoganacht Chaisil -
    • MacCarthy, O'Sullivan, plus later O'Dennehy, MacGillicudy, O'Callaghan, MacAuliffe,Cremeen,Crimeen and Variants
  • Eoganacht Locha Lein - O'Moriarty
  • Eoganacht Raithlind -
    • O'Mahoney, O'Donoghue, O'Long, O'Neill, O'Duggan, O'Feehan, O'Donnell, Mongan, O'Connell, Lynch, O'Hea, O'Cohalane/O'Coughlan,O'Cannifree, O'Bogue, Cahalane, O'Cronin,O'Flahiffe, O'Flynn, Connelly, O'Callaghan
  • Eoganacht Glendamnach - O'Keefe
  • Eoganacht Aine - O'Kirby
  • Eoganacht Arann (a.k.a. Ninussa) - extinct
  • Eoganacht Ruis Argait - extinct
  • Dal Cais - OBrien, Kennedy (not of the Eoganacht sept, however many members are closely related to the Eoganacht sept)

Also see related projects: FTDNA R-L21 4466 South Irish,

Eoganacht septs website describes the relationship between Eoganacht surnames, 4466+ and the South Irish base haplotype

Last update 7 /25 /2014

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