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Cobain, Cobern, Coburn, Cockbain, Cockbaine, Cockbane, Cockborne, Cockbourn, Cockburn, Cockburne, Coeburn, Cogburn, Coggburn, Cokburn, Cokburne, Cokeburn, de Cockborne


This is a fairly new surname project which already has several test results published. Initial participants have traced their ancestry back to Scotland and others have traced theirs back to Cumberland, England.
For further information on various Cockburn / Cockbain families please email the Group Administrator above.

General Fund

Current balance: $313.00

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Debit $695.00 4/6/2014       Unknown
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Credit $347.50 4/6/2014 Jeff Bruce, here is the donation for the 50/50 deal. Thanks!   Unknown
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Credit $100.00 12/13/2013 Elizabeth (Osborne) Stimson Hope this will help get the two new tests for Harold James started.   Individual
Credit $250.00 12/8/2013 M. David Cogburn Bruce , Thanks for your help   Unknown
Debit $78.00 11/15/2013     307213 Unknown
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