Abbott, Abrams, Abruzzese, Adams, Afromovitz, Allen, Aloisi, Alpert, Amato, Andrews, Any residents Any time, Armstrong, Arsenault, Ash, Atkinson, Atwood, Aucoin, Bacon, Baker, Bangs, Barczykowski, Barrington, Barry, Barston, Batchelder, Bazylewicz, Beauchemin, Belcher, Bell, Bellofatto, Belmonte, Bennett, Benson, Bernard, Berry, Better, Bickford, Bicknell, Biggins, Bishop, Blaisdell, Blanchard, Bloomberg, Bordman, Borghetti, Bosari, Botsian, Brennen, Brentall, Brogna, Brossean, Browne, Bruno, Buckley, Burke, Burnham, Burns, Caddigan, Caggiano, Callahan, Camaratto, Cammaratta, Caplitz, Carbone, Carey, Carr, Carroll, Casey, Cassidy, Catalano, Cataldo, Cazmay, Cecere, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chard, Cheever, Chelsea,Ma, Cherry, Chiampa, Chihonski, Ciampa, Clark, Clarke, Clingen, Coakly, Cogan, Cohen, Coleman, Collins, Connolly, Connors, Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Corbert, Corea, Correggio, Correnti, Costa, Costello, Cotter, Cowhig, Coyne, Creamer, Crespo, Crocker, Crockett, Cronin, Crooker, Cross, Crowley, Cullen, Cunningham, Currier, Cushing, Cutting, Damon, Dannenberg, Davis, DeFazi, Delaney, Delano, Deluca, Dennen, Denney, DeStefano, Dever, Di Nocco, DiBenedetto, Dillingham, Dinan, Dinnin, DiStefano, Doherty, Dolan, Donahue, Donnelly, Donovan, Dorsett, Doyle, Driscoll, Dugan, Duggan, Dundas, Dunlea, Dunning, Dwyer, Dyer, Fallon, Farmer, Farrell, Farren, Fay, Fenno, Ferragamo, Ferullo, Fine, Fineman, Finn, Fiore, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Flaherty, Floyd, Ford, Forsyth, Forti, Foster, Fredericks, Freedman, French, Frost, Fuller, Gaffney, Gallant, Galligan, Garabedian, Gardner, Gaudet, Gautreau, Gavin, Geller, Gentile, Gerrish, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gilmore, Ginsberg, Giordano, Glennon, Goldberg, Golden, Goldman, Goldstein, Goodman, Gordon, Gorman, Gould, Grady, Grant, Grasso, Greco, Green, Greenblatt, Greenglass, Griffin, Grimes, Grover, Guarino, Gulla, Haas, Hagan, Hamilton, Hanlon, Harding, Harrington, Harris, Haskell, Hayes, Hederson, Henderson, Hennessy, Hernandez, Heslin, Hickey, Higgins, Hill, Holland, Holmes, Hooper, Howard, Howe, Hoyt, Hurley, Imbriano, Immigrants from Arcadia, Immigrants from Armenia, Immigrants from England, Immigrants from France, Immigrants from Ireland, Immigrants from Italy, Immigrants from Poland, Immigrants from Russia, Immigrants from Scoland, Immigrants from Spain, Immigrants from Wales, Immigrants fromGermany, Ippolito, Isnberg, Jackson, Jennings, Jewish Immigrants, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joy, Judge, Kane, Kaplan, Katz, Keefe, Keirnan, Kelley, Kennedy, Kenney, Kornechuck, Kotzen, Lane, Lawrence, Leary, LeClair, LeGrow, Leonard, Levine, Lewis, Litchfield, Lovejoy, Low, Luzzo, Lynch, Lyons, MacMillian, Madden, Maguire, Mahoney, Malone, Margeson, Marino, Marrota, Martin, Maslowski, Mastrangelo, Maxwell, McCarthy, McDonald, McGovern, McGuire, McHugh, McKenna, McKenzie, McLaughlin, McNeil, Merullo, Minichiello, Miskelly, Mitchell, Monzione, Moore, Moran, Morrison, Morton, Moscato, Moschella, Mucci, Mulligan, Murphy, Murray, Natola, Nazzaro, Nesbitt, Newell, Newhall, No. Chelsea, Ma., Noel, Nolan, Norton, Nottage, O'Brien, O'Hagan, O'Keefe, Oliver, Pasquale, Paul, Peers, Pepper, Perry, Peterson, Pike, Piscopo, Pizzano, Podova, Pratt, Prattsville,Ma,, Raimondi, Reardon, Regan, Reppuci, Revere,Ma, Richardson, Riley, Ring, Robbins, Robertie, Rogers, Rosenfield, Rosenthal, Russo, Ryan, Sale, Santilli, Santosuosso, Sargeant, Sartorelli, Schrimpt, Scuturio, Selvitella, Sexton, Shapiro, Sharkey, Sherman, Shine, Silverman, Silverstein, Slade, Smith, Snow, Somes, Stebbins, Stedman, Steele, Steinberg, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stuart, Sugarman, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swinker, Taylor, Tenney, Testa, Thayer, Thompson, Tower, Tucker, Tucksberry, Turner, Vaillancourt, Veazie, Venezia, VonHandoff, Walczewwski, Welch, Welsh, Wheeler, White, Whittemore, Wilkinson, Wilson, Winthrop, Winthrop,Ma, Wisneiwski, Wolfson, Young, Zullo


If the above names fit you and hopefully the location of the Tri Town area of Chelsea Revere &Winthrop Ma. Then this is the place for you.Now maybe you are in a Surname group. Thats fine YOU CAN JOIN THIS GROUP AS YOUR SECOND GROUP
.We are interested in Mtdna besides your Ydna!!

The mailing list is interested in expanding its goal of achieving the genealogy of Chelsea,Winthrop,Revere [No.Chelsea Prattsville] Ma.. These three towns have served as a haven and resting place for people who have migrated from other lands to a new one. Ever since its commission it has served that purpose.
These people interacted and this is an attempt to show that story. This url is the archives
Looking thru the names you can see the diversity.
We have tied many small families into clans. Some into larger family groups. Hopefully the DNA will allow us to move one step closer to solving the puzzles

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