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Cancei, Canci, Chancay, Chance, Chancery, Chancey, Chanci, Chanse, Chansi, Chauncey, Chawnse, Lachance, Sanche


Dear Chance(y,)Chauncey family members & genetic genealogists, welcome to our family tree DNA project!! The Chance(y)Chauncey lineage is an ancient, landed noble family reaching back through history to the times of William the Conqueror,
(WC was an R1B1, having two legitimate daughters & perhaps many illegitimate sons. WC's 25 marker results are available under the "Welch" surname project. One would be very surprised at the extent of the samplings, so explore the surname findings, jewels in the sands of time.)

As of late, 35 years ago, my mother, Myrtice Wilma Walker Chancey was a founding member of the Huxford Society surveying the families of Pioneer Wiregrass Georgia. The Huxford Society was named for Judge Folks Huxford, of Homerville, GA. Judge Huxford was instrumental in early research of families in South East GA, North Florida. The 13 original members have grown & now number around 4500. Many thanks to Judge Huxford for assisting my mother with research which enabled her to establish lineage joining the DAR & UDC, Love & gratitude to Mother for introducing genealogy & greatly enhancing my search for family.

Gratitude to Dr. Hammer & Staff of the University of AZ, the staff at FTDNA for making genetic Genealogy accessible to all.

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