Most members so far are estimated to belong to haplogroup R1b, specifically R1b1a2.  Haplogroup I1 is second most common.

For explanations of haplogroups:

Project members are separated into four subgroups based on DNA results (A, B, C, D)  on the Y-results page chart.
Subgrouping is by DNA haplotype results.  
Participants are labelled by earliest known male Carlisle ancestor.



websites for early U.S. Carlisle families:

(Rev. Coleman Carlisle 1770 - 1824 Laurens, South Carolina)

Will of William Campbell (d. 1759) of Augusta County, Virginia (dau. Rachel Carlile)

Recommended books
"Collections for a History of the Ancient Family of Carlile" Note: This book is now available for viewing on Googlebooks.
by Nicholas Carlisle published London 1822.

The prominent, infamous, or otherwise notable Carlisles:

From the political arena: John Griffin CARLISLE,
The Representative and Senator from Kentucky who also served as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

from 1883 to 1889 and as United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1893 to 1897. "Carlisle was born in what is now Kenton

County, Kentucky, and began his public life as a lawyer in Covington, Kentucky.  In 1890, Carlisle was appointed to the

United States Senate....  When Grover Cleveland was re-elected to the Presidency in 1892, he chose Carlisle as his Secretary

of the Treasury. Carlisle's tenure as Secretary was marred by the Panic of 1893, a financial and economic disaster so severe

that it ended Carlisle's political career. In response to a run on the American gold supply, Carlisle felt forced to end

silver coinage.  He moved to New York City, where he practiced law until his death."
 More biographical information on JGC:

The county of Carlisle, Kentucky, was named for J.G. Carlisle.

Thomas CARLYLE (December 4, 1795 – February 5, 1881) "was a Scottish essayist and historian, whose work was hugely

influential during the Victorian era. He was born in Ecclefechan, Dumfries and Galloway, and was educated at Annan Academy.

.... His first major work, 'Sartor Resartus,....' was initially considered bizarre and incomprehensible, but had a limited

success in America, where it was admired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, influencing the development of New England

Transcendentalism. However, within Britain, Carlyle's success was assured by the publication of his two volume work 'The

French Revolution, A History' in 1837....Upon Carlyle's death on February 5, 1881 in London, it was made possible for his

remains to be interred in Westminster Abbey but his wish to be buried beside his parents in Ecclefechan was respected." --

From "Thomas Carlyle is best known as an writer but in fact was also a mathematician. His father, James

Carlyle, was a stonemason and his mother, Margaret Aitken, the daughter of a bankrupt Dumfriesshire farmer, was James' second

wife.  Thomas was the eldest of their nine children." --from website:

Note: The town of Carlyle, Illinois, was named for Thomas Carlyle. (And Lake Carlyle was then named for the town.) ---------


William L. Carlisle In 1916, Bill Carlisle, the infamous ‘last train robber,’ robbed 3 Union Pacific trains in Wyoming. Then

he wrote a book about it (while in prison, no doubt) : Carlisle, William L. Bill Carlisle, Lone Bandit: An Autobiography.

1946. [note: His birth name is believed by some to be Walter COTTRELL.] --------------------------------------------


Also not born a CARLISLE: Kitty CARLISLE, "born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and named Catherine Conn (pronounced Cohen); her

family was of German Jewish heritage.  She appeared, billed as Kitty Carlisle, on Broadway  Her early movies included a role

in the Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera and two films with Bing Crosby. She became a household name through To Tell the

Truth, where she was a regular panelist for some 20 years. --from: -------------------------------------------



From Country music's Hall of Fame, BILL CARLISLE  Born 19 December 1908, Wakefield, Kentucky Died 17 March 2003, Nashville,

Tennessee. ----------------------------------------
Belinda CARLISLE "Front-woman of legendary 80's punk rockers The Go-Go's, and solo star in her own right."  from:


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