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Calbart, Calbert, Calberth, Calbird, Calbort, Calburd, Calburt, Callbert, Callverde, Caluert, Calvard, Calverd, calverde, Calverley, Calverly, Calvert, Calvert Alias Harris, Calvert Alias Harrison, Calvert Alias Harriss, Cathbert, Colbart, Colbert, Colvard, Colvart, Colvert, Covert, Harris Alias Calvert, Harrison Alias Calvert


This project was formed to aid family research for Calvert surnames or their variants; This genealogical research investigates many disparate Calvert families that have reached road blocks in tracing their family origins.

Accompanying this Family Tree DNA Webpage are two corresponding pages:

The Calvert Genealogy Website:

The Calvert Discussion List at Yahoo Groups:

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The Y-Chromosome DNA test produces results that can assist in identifying families with the same DNA structure, providing a means of associating ancestors with families and family groups.

General Fund

Current balance: $975.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $10.00 1/4/2014 Denise Townsend     Unknown
Credit $20.00 12/29/2013 Marge Trexler     Individual
Debit $25.00 11/19/2013     316985 Unknown
Credit $20.00 11/15/2013 Diana Payton ck#3979   Unknown
Credit $10.00 11/8/2013 Peter Calvert Belated contribution for this year   Individual
Credit $40.00 11/8/2013 Richard L. Miell to help fund upgrade to kit #234303   Individual
Debit $99.00 11/7/2013     234303 Unknown
Debit $99.00 11/7/2013     25410 Unknown
Credit $10.00 10/31/2013 Jennifer Caudle     Individual
Credit $10.00 10/31/2013 James Maxwell email address:   Individual
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