Caddell Family DNA Project - News

Male Descendants of the Andrew Caddel/Orange, North Carolina, USA, line are asked to [please] submit their Y-DNA tests for comparison!

03-17-06 The Caddell Family DNA Project has 6 members!
03-22-06 Results are in! Newest testee matches all members 12/12!
03-29-06 Cadwell-VA Kit N24289 matches all members exactly on the 12 marker test (John Cadwell line Moore Co.>Ky>Pike Co., Illinois). The Caddell Family DNA Project has 7 members.
04-20-05 8 members, Our Project now has a Canadian Caddell and a separate Caddell line to compare to.
04-22-05 9 members today, #N6040 is tracing his female line (mtDNA) through his Caddell grandmother from Moore Co., N.C.