The Burnett DNA Project- Background



Bernet, Bernete, Bernett, Bernette, Bernit, Bernite, Bernitt, Bernitte, Birnet, Birnete, Birnett, Birnette, Birnit, Birnite, Birnitt, Birnitte, Bornet, Bornete, Bornett, Bornette, Bournet, Bournete, Bournett, Bournette, Brunet, Brunete, Brunett, Brunette, Burnard, Burnat, Burnatt, Burnet, Burnete, Burnett, Burnette, Burnit, Burnite, Burnitt, Burnitte


Participation in the Burnett Y-Chromosome Project is open to all Burnett MALES living anywhere in the world. All spellings and variants of the name are welcome.

If you are a Burnett woman, please do NOT join this DNA project!!!  This is a y-chromosome project because the "Burnett DNA" is found ONLY on the y-chromosome (male chromosome).  Women do NOT have a y-chromosome; if they did, they would be a man.

General Fund

Current balance: $5.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $5.00 4/21/2014 Burke Burnett     Individual