Brooks Surname DNA Project - Goals

In Addition to the Group Administrator we have a great technical Co-Administrator who interprets the results for each haplogroup: Robert Brooks Casey (US). When you first receive your results, we ask that you take a little time to read and study the information FTDNA has provided via various links on your homepage and complete the following tasks:

1) Upload your results to YSearch which compares all Brooks tested at a variety of labs.
2) Go to Maps and enter your Earliest Proven ancestor's name, year and place of birth and place and Year of death. If you are uncertain of ANY detail, please place a "?" beside the info
3) Please add a gedcom for at least your direct family line to both FTDNA & Ysearch.

You may contact the Group Administrator for additional help in making more sense of your test results

NOTE:Please check under the NEWS tab above for more information about our moderated discussion groups at Yahoo. These groups have been set up so that members can post and share their research info such as DNA spreadsheets, and much more.
The advantage of using this format is that it allows others to read and search on their topic of interest day or night. Also, future members will be able to catch up on all the postings at any time. We ask that each member join these discussion groups.