Brewer DNA Project (includes Bruer, Brower, Brew, etc.) - Goals

We want to identify the different BREWER families by using the haplotype, the individual DNA pattern, that passes from a father to his sons. We believe that DNA is the only positive way to sort out all the different BREWER families. The Y chromosome of related males is identical -- or very similar -- while unrelated men have different haplotypes.

As previously stated under Project Background, the Brewer Surname Project uses Y-DNA test results to identify family groups of genetically related living male participants through their matching haplotypes (genetic signatures).  Such testing can show a definite relationship exists between two or more males and that they share a common ancestor within genealogical time spans, but not with whom or when.  Documented genealogical pedigrees add the missing information.  The two sets of data (paper trail and DNA results) compliment and support one another.

Our progress in identifying different family lines is presented under the 'About This Group' pull down menu tab “Results.”