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The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

* denotes a no call or heterozygous call.

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Kit Number Paternal Ancestor Name Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
329157   E-BY44794 BY15965+, BY22302+, BY27761+, BY3070+, BY3880+, BY4279+, BY44793+, BY44794+, BY44795+, BY44796+, BY44797+, BY44798+, CTS101+, CTS10184+, CTS10323+, CTS10513+, CTS10617+, CTS10637+, CTS10679+, CTS10714+, CTS1075+, CTS10912+, CTS11082+, CTS119+, CTS11953+, CTS124+, CTS12632+, CTS1389+, CTS1446+, CTS1773+, CTS1975+, CTS1978+, CTS2150+, CTS2216+, CTS225+, CTS2270+, CTS2374+, CTS2474+, CTS2620+, CTS2661+, CTS3262+, CTS3278+, CTS3287+, CTS3334+, CTS3512+, CTS3536+, CTS3637+, CTS3849+, CTS3868+, CTS3988+, CTS3996+, CTS4208+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4685+, CTS4856+, CTS5291+, CTS5316+, CTS5371+, CTS5373+, CTS5404+, CTS5527+, CTS5530+, CTS5561+, CTS5792+, CTS58+, CTS5856+, CTS5884+, CTS5935+, CTS6135+, CTS6298+, CTS6333+, CTS6472+, CTS6513+, CTS675+, CTS6809+, CTS6842+, CTS6953+, CTS7154+, CTS7166+, CTS7273+, CTS7913+, CTS7924+, CTS7980+, CTS8002+, CTS8033+, CTS8053+, CTS8061+, CTS8131+, CTS8586+, CTS8899+, CTS890+, CTS8900+, CTS8945+, CTS8947+, CTS9017+, CTS9049+, CTS9324+, CTS9956+, F1365+, F1977+, F3170+, F986+, FGC2141+, L1090+, L117+, L136+, L336+, L339+, L489+, L499+, L504+, L507+, L510+, L512+, L537+, L538+, L539+, L542+, L544+, L546+, L547+, L618+, L676+, M145+, M168+, M203+, M215+, M243+, M294+, M299+, M40+, M42+, M5090+, M5441+, M78+, M9051+, M9052+, M94+, M96+, P144+, P147+, P150+, P152+, P153+, P154+, P155+, P156+, P162+, P165+, P167+, P168+, P169+, P170+, P171+, P172+, P173+, P174+, P175+, P176+, P180+, P181+, P183+, P2+, P29+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PAGES00102+, PF1442+, PF1501+, PF1531+, PF1532+, PF1534+, PF1535+, PF1536+, PF1537+, PF1538+, PF1540+, PF1542+, PF1543+, PF1545+, PF1547+, PF1548+, PF1550+, PF1551+, PF1552+, PF1554+, PF1555+, PF1559+, PF1561+, PF1563+, PF1567+, PF1570+, PF1572+, PF1575+, PF1576+, PF1583+, PF1755+, PF1793+, PF1795+, PF1796+, PF1798+, PF1799+, PF1801+, PF1806+, PF1807+, PF1809+, PF1818+, PF1819+, PF1827+, PF1828+, PF1830+, PF1831+, PF1836+, PF1871+, PF1873+, PF1909+, PF1929+, PF2108+, PF2109+, PF2110+, PF2111+, PF2114+, PF2115+, PF2116+, PF2117+, PF2118+, PF2124+, PF2147+, PF2173+, PF2175+, PF2179+, PF2185+, PF2188+, PF2213+, PF2215+, PF2217+, PF2246+, S2979+, S8336+, SK887+, V13+, V168+, V189+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V36+, V52+, V68+, V9+, Y2491+, Y3182+, Y3864+, YSC0000227+, Z15667+, Z16659+, Z18012+
285305   E-M96 M96+, M2-, M35-
51034   G-M201  
84121   G-M201 M201+
40808 Thomas Benbow, b. 1604, Montgomeryshire, Wales I-A8462 P37+, L233+, A11930+, A5013+, A8462+, BY11707+, BY18729+, BY3070+, BY32425+, BY32426+, BY32429+, BY32430+, BY32434+, BY32435+, BY32436+, BY33204+, BY965+, CTS10058+, CTS11441+, CTS2193+, CTS2514+, CTS3296+, CTS3517+, CTS3654+, CTS4039+, CTS4088+, CTS410+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4848+, CTS4982+, CTS5044+, CTS5650+, CTS5727+, CTS5884+, CTS5908+, CTS595+, CTS6265+, CTS674+, CTS6932+, CTS7329+, CTS7831+, CTS8333+, CTS8420+, CTS88+, CTS8876+, CTS9240+, CTS9264+, F1209+, F1329+, F1704+, F1714+, F1753+, F1767+, F2048+, F2142+, F2155+, F2402+, F2587+, F2688+, F2837+, F2985+, F3111+, F3136+, F3335+, F3368+, F3402+, F3556+, F3692+, F4188+, F719+, FGC56763+, FGC56830+, FGC5795+, FGC69109+, FGC69110+, FGC69116+, L1286+, L1287+, L132+, L136+, L15+, L16+, L233+, L350+, L403+, L41+, L460+, L468+, L498+, L578+, L68+, L748+, L755+, L756+, L758+, L772+, M168+, M170+, M213+, M235+, M258+, M294+, M299+, M42+, M89+, M94+, P123+, P124+, P125+, P126+, P127+, P129+, P130+, P133+, P134+, P135+, P136+, P138+, P139+, P14+, P140+, P141+, P143+, P145+, P146+, P148+, P149+, P151+, P157+, P158+, P159+, P160+, P161+, P163+, P166+, P187+, P212+, P215+, P316+, P37+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PF2591+, PF2608+, PF2611+, PF2615+, PF2745+, PF2747+, PF2748+, PF2749+, PF2770+, PF3562+, PF3574+, PF3611+, PF3639+, PF3640+, PF3641+, PF3644+, PF3651+, PF3652+, PF3657+, PF3658+, PF3666+, PF3667+, PF3669+, PF3671+, PF3672+, PF3675+, PF3677+, PF3686+, PF3780+, PF3800+, PF3801+, PF3802+, PF3804+, PF3809+, PF3812+, PF3814+, PF3815+, PF3819+, PF3820+, PF3822+, PF3827+, PF3836+, PF3837+, PF3849+, PF3945+, PF3966+, PF4058+, S10681+, S11351+, S11716+, S12649+, S15308+, S15399+, S15985+, S16649+, S16672+, S17684+, S18964+, S20483+, S20506+, S20624+, S21059+, S21204+, S21221+, S21286+, S21622+, S21813+, S21825+, S23022+, S23380+, S24016+, S24894+, S26157+, S8266+, S8384+, S9315+, V168+, V186+, V205+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V52+, V9+, Y4190+, Y4191+, Y4194+, Y4195+, Y4196+, Y4197+, Y4199+, Y4200+, Y4201+, Y4202+, Y4203+, Y4205+, Y4207+, Y4208+, Y4209+, Y4210+, Y4211+, Y4212+, Y4213+, Y4214+, Y4215+, Y4216+, Y4217+, Y4218+, Y4219+, Y4220+, Y4221+, Y4222+, Y4225+, Y4226+, Y4227+, Y4228+, Y4229+, Y4230+, Y4231+, Y4232+, Y4233+, Y4235+, Y4236+, Y4237+, Y4238+, Y4239+, Y4240+, Y4243+, Y4244+, Y4245+, Y4246+, Y4249+, Y4250+, Y4251+, Y4254+, Y4256+, Y4257+, Y4259+, Y4260+, Y4261+, Y4267+, Y4268+, Y4269+, Y4271+, Y4922+, Y4948+, Y8776+, YSC0000227+, YSC0000256+, YSC0000272+, Z2065+, P37+, M26-, M423-, A417-
205687 Richard Benbow b 1790 and d 1866 I-L233 L233+
319003 Daniel A. Lane, b.c.1853, Virginia I-M223  
248319 John Benbow b 1754 and died 1832 I-M423 M423+, L233-
250056   I-P37  
258478 Gershom Benbow I-P37  
2131   I-P37  
100732   I-P37  
125189   I-P37  
155658 Edward Benbow b. before 1750 I-P37  
155659   I-P37  
170788   I-P37  
42066 Thomas Benbow, born c. 1604 I-P37  
426294 Richard Benbow, b. 1665, d. 1712 I-P37  
42818 Richard Benbow, born c. 1811, Wales I-P37 M170+, M258+, P19+, P37+, P38+, P30-, M161-, M26-, M307-, M72-, M21-, M223-, M227-, M253-
43917 William Benbow, born 1533, Shropshire I-P37 M170+, M258+, P19+, P37+, P38+, P30-, M161-, M26-, M307-, M72-, M21-, M223-, M227-, M253-
45348 Thomas Benbow, born c. 1604 I-P37  
45843 Thomas Benbow, born c. 1604 I-P37 M170+, M258+, P19+, P37+, P38+
48405   I-P37  
48941   I-P37  
49151   I-P37  
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