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BARTLETT-DNA Groups at a Glance

[UPDATED Jan 2011]

Unless otherwise noted, the results within a group match (within 23/25); and there is at least 21/25 mismatch between Groups

FTDNA # is bolded [check the Y-Results TAB to see these same Groups and all the results]

If you are interested in the Deep Ancestry of your paternal line, you can google the Haplogroup – read the wiki article.

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Goals for BARTLETT-DNA Project

1. Determine each and every separate BARTLETT line in Colonial America and England

2. Determine the BARTLETT immigrant for each line to Colonial America

3. Develop locations and geography in England for BARTLETT immigrants


Group B [Team 3]; Richmond Co, VA [11 matching participants] [Note 5]

Haplogroup E1b1b1a2 [was E3b1]. This haplogroup is based on an FTDNA Deep Clade test for 5960. This DNA may be from the Roman militia recruited by the thousands from the Balkans to occupy Britain from c43-400AD.  When these soldiers retired they were given Roman citizenship and allowed to settle and raise families in Britain.  The largest concentrations of these soldiers (based on history & archeology) were in Wales, Essex Co, and along the East Coast (North Sea south to the English Channel). These areas in England today have pockets of E1b1b1a2 DNA.


[since there is a 25/25 match with 5960/7925/6066/71171, we’ll use that for the DNA Signature of Thomas 1705]


B1. Thomas BARTLETT 1705-1783; 1m c1723 Elizabeth _____

    B1A. John BARTLEY 1725-1807; m Anne SETTLE 1728-

        B1A2. Joshua BARTLEY 1758 VA-c1812 KY; m c1781 Elizabeth Greene ALLEN


           B1A2B. John BARTLEY 1784 VA-1847 MO; m 1824 VA Winifred T BAGBY

               B1A2B1 George Greene BARTLEY 1825 VA-1895; m Harriet FITZHUGH

                   ... DNA-7744

                   ... DNA-8828

    B1D. Thomas BARTLETT 1730-1806; 1m c 1750 Anne ­­­­_____

        B1D3. William BARTLETT 1756-1825 m c1774 Sarah HATHAWAY

                   DNA-32042 [Jeff Bartlett ]

           B1D3B. Thomas F BARTLETT 1777-1850 m 1801 Malinda BARTLETT

                   DNA-5960 [Jim Bartlett ]

           B1D3E. John BARTLETT 1784 VA-1857 IN; m 1803 VA Sarah SELVEY

                   DNA-10388 [Audrey Zatarian ]

        B1D4. Thomas BARTLETT Jr 1757 VA-c1832 VA; m c1783 Sarah _____

           B1D4B. Sterling BARTLETT 1783-1858; m 1807 Catherine ALLEN


        B1D6. Benjamin BARTLETT 1764-1824 VA; m c1784 VA Mary Ann Heath CARROLL

           B1D6A. Wilson BARTLETT c1786 VA; m 1816 VA Nancy/Fannie BERKLEY


    B1E. Joseph [?] BARTLETT b c1731

        B1E1. Nimrod BARTLETT c1760 [from Pendleton Dist, SC to Barron Co, KY]

                   DNA-6066 [Ches Bartlett ]

B1. Thomas BARTLETT 1705-1783; 2m c 1738 VA Catherine _____

    B1K. Elisha BARTLETT c1742-1803 VA



    ???. Unknown ancestral link

          BBB. Oliver Lewis Frederick BARTLETT c1882 DC [lived along C&O Canal, Washington Co, MD]

                 DNA-N58717 [35/37 with 5960]



Group C; Dobbs Co, NC & Somerset Co, MD [10 matching participants]

Haplogroup R1b1b2

 [since there is a 25/25 match 23546/18676, we’ll use that as the DNA Signature of Nicholas]


C. Nicholas BARTLETT I 1642 England or France; of Somerset Co, MD;

    [ref: “The Bartlett Line from the Mathews Collection by J. Alonzo Mathews” extracted and preserved by LT Thos M Neel [xerox’d papers]

    C1. Thomas BARTLETT 1670

        C1A. Pasque BARTLETT

        C1C. William BARTLETT

            C1C1. Solomon BARTLETT b 1739 sent to VA//KY to TN to KY

            C1C2. Nicholas BARTLETT 1764 MD

               C1C2D. Joseph BARTLETT 1775 VA


               C1C2K. Jesse BARTLETT 1791 TN:



CCA Samuel BARTLETT 1750 of Dobbs Co, NCd 1820 Wayne Co, NC; 1m Sarah _____; sm Mary _____

    [ref “Family Lines” by Adelle Bartlett Harper, 1973.  Adelle had [CCA] Samuel as son of Samuel BARCLIFT of Perquimans Co, NC – that ancestry is not proved and is contradicted by the DNA results]

    CCA1. John BARTLETT 1770s NC> GA

        CCA1E. John BARTLETT 1805 NC-1867; m 1827 GA Elizabeth VINSON >Pike/Coffee Co, AL


    CCA2. William A BARTLETT 1776 Wayne Co, NC; 1m Susannah BLACKMAN

        CCA2A. Henry BARTLETT 1799 NC-1876; m 1819 NC Rebecca MASSENGILL:

            CCA2A2. Wright Handy BARTLETT 1823 NC:

                         DNA-8049 [Betty Faulkner ]

            CCA2A5* Henry B BARTLETT 1830:

                          DNA-9246; 21592; 28173 * [NO MATCH - This DNA matches a neighboring DIXON]

            CCA2A9. Haywood R BARTLETT 1839 GA:


        CCA1F. Robert E BARTLETT 1820 NC; m Mary GEORGE

                          DNA-18683 [Ann Bartlett Lee

      CCA7. Merrit BARTLETT b 1780s; prob stayed in NC; died Greene Co

          CCA7D. Jesse BARTLETT c1822 NC-1869; m Mary A _____



CCB1. James BARTLETT [Team 4]

    CCB1D. Samuel Duncan BARTLETT c1785 (m 1825 Hancock Co, GA) [Team 4]


    CCB1E. * [this may be CCC1 Benjamin B BARTLETT b 1798 NC – see below]


CCC1. Benjamin  BARTLETT b 1798 NC-1862 GA, m 1818 GA Thankful WILKINS

                          DNA-10882 [Ann Bartlett Lee ]


CCEA. Unknown so far [I need this ancestry info]

                         DNA-145710 [Jim Bartlett ]


NOTES: Matching DNA from descendants of Nicholas, Samuel, James, Benjamin and Jesse indicate this line has a common ancestor.  Since Nicholas BARTLETT I b 1642 is the oldest; and since the other lines have brick walls in the late 1700s, it appears Nicholas may be the common ancestor; and we need to look for the link between his MD line and the other lines. The link might be Pasque BARTLETT (see outline above); a man of the same name is in records near Dobbs Co, NC.


Group D [Team 7]; VA; Spotsylvania Co, VA [4 matching participants (23/25)]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2

[By analysis it appears 131486 is DNA signature for Thomas 1670; all others are 24/25 with that result]


D1. Thomas BARTLETT 1670 VA; m 1690 VA Patience BENTLEY

    D1A. William BARTLETT 1695-1774 VA; m c1720 Susannah DAVIS

        D1A3. Henry “Harry” BARTLETT 1731-1818 KY; m 1752 VA Sarah CRANE

            D1A3A. John Crane BARTLETT 1766 VA-1835 KY; m 1796 KY Sally GORE


        D1A4. Thomas BARTLETT 1733 VA-1817 KY; m c1775 VA Mary FOSTER

            D1A4G. Foster BARTLETT c1784 VA-c1814 KY; m 1804 KY Jane SCOTT

                           DNA-8366 [Steve Bartlett; ]

        D1A5. William BARTLETT Jr 1735 VA-1777 VA; m 1757 VA Mary CRANE

            D1A5C. James BARTLETT 1770 VA-aft 1828 KY; 2m 1790 KY Rachel PIERCE

               D1A5C3. George P BARTLETT 1794 KY-1855 IL; m 1821 KY Frances McQUAID

                           DNA-8316 [Bill Bartlett ]

               D1A5C4. William BARTLETT 1796 KY-1850 KY; 1m 1816 Polly HELM; 2m 1822 Zelpha HELM

                           DNA-146434 [Jack Bartlett ]


NOTES: Most descendants of this line moved from Spotsylvania Co, VA to KY after the RevWar.


Group E: BERK[E]LEY from Westmoreland and Loudoun Co, VA; [4 matching participants (24/25)]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2

[Since 1789/139280/157606 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of William 1690]


E. Thomas BARTLETT m Margaret _____

    E1. William BERKELEY 1690 m 1717 Jane GARDNER; 2m 1723 Elizabeth HANCOCK

                         DNA-157606 [BARKLEY] [I don’t know this ancestry]

        E1B. Benjamin BERKLEY 1720-1768 VA; m 1764 Barbara WALKER REED (widow)

           E1B1. Benjamin BERKLEY Jr 1765-1818 VA; m 1786 VA Lucinda NEWMAN


        E1C. William BARTLETT/BERKLEY c1722-1804 VA;  m c1743 Mary GARNER or JANNEY

           E1C1. Garner BARTLETT c1750-1811; m Ellender _____

               E1C1G. Thomas BARTLETT 1790 VA-1862 IN m 1816 VA Sabrina HILL


           E1C5. Daniel BERKLEY c1760VA-1852 Clark Co, KY; m Susannah _____

               E1C5A. Burgess BERKELY c1794 VA-1861 KY; m Elizabeth _____

                         DNA-92185 [Mike Berkeley ]                                    

    E2. John BERKLEY Wd 1732 VA


NOTES: The BERKLEYs moved from Westmoreland Co to Fairfax (Loudoun part) Co, VA  in 1740s. E1C (William) usually had his name spelled BARTLETT; most of his sons moved to Clark Co, KY after the RevWar, and in the 1820-30s their name reverted to the BERKLEY/BERKELEY spellings; Garner, who died in Montgomery Co, VA kept the BARTLETT spelling as did all of his descendants.  



Group F [Teams 9 & 11]; Plymouth, MA; Henry Co, VA; KY; TN [21 matching participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2  - Richard WARREN was on the Mayflower; his daughter Mary married Robert BARTLETT who came on the Anne a few years later – so although Robert BARTLETT was not on the Mayflower, all of his descendants, are descendants of a Mayflower passenger. 


F. Robert BARTLETT 1603 England to Plymouth, MA-1676 MA; m c1629 Mary WARREN

       [ref: The Society of Descendants of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, ]

    F1. Benjamin BARTLETT 1633 MA-c1691; 1m Susan. JENNEY; 2m 1656 Sarah BREWSTER                

        F1B. Samuel BARTLETT 1660-bef 1713; m Hannah PABODIE

           F1B3. Samuel BARTLETT 1691 MA-1750 MA; m Hannah CHURCHILL

               F1B3A. Sam’l BARTLETT III 1726-1780; 1m 1754 Betsy MOORE; 2m 1766 JACKSON

                   F1B3A4. John BARTLETT 1760 NC [lived Buncombe Co, NC]

                            DNA-144733 [Barbara Foster ]                          

        F1C. Ichabod BARTLETT 1661; m Elizabeth WATERMAN                                                                        

           F1C2. Josiah BARTLETT 1701MA-1782 CT; m Mary CHANDLER                                                         

                            DNA-10588 [NO MATCH; however researched line may be OK]                     

        F1E. Ebenezer BARTLETT c1670-1698; m c1692 Hannah BRYANT [or BARTLETT]        

           F1E1. Ebenezer BARTLETT Jr 1694 –                                                                  

                          DNA-41255 [Bob Bartlett ]                             

    F5. Joseph BARTLETT 1639-1712; m c1662 Hannah POPE                                     

        F5C. Joseph BARTLETT 1665-1703; m 1692 Lydia GRISWOLD                        

           F5C1. Joseph BARTLETT 1693-1856; m 1717 Elizabeth BARTLETT

               F5C1B. Sylvanus BARTLETT 1719-1811; m 1743 Martha WAITE

                   F5C1B4. Sylvanus BARTLETT 1756-1829; m 1772 Sarah LORING        

                            DNA-21691 [Paul Bartlett ]                       

               F5C1C. Zaccheus BARTLETT 1724/25-1800 MA; m Margaret BARNES

                   F5C1C1.  Joseph BARTLETT 1762-1834 MA; m Grace CORNISH          

                            DNA-28274 [Stan Bartlett ]                                    

    F8. Mercy BARTLETT 1650 m JAY


FFB. Hervey BARTLETT > Hervey K 1806 NY-1854 IL 

                            DNA-9078 [Stephanie Bartlett ]                              





FFG1. Samuel BARTLETT 1827 of NH 



FFH2.  Thomas BARTLETT 1695 > Thomas 1740:

                            53018, match to Group F; but paper trail mistake back to J]            


?. BARTLETT Unknown to JVB



FFA1. Unknown BARTLETT father of Joseph and Joshua                                            

                   [a BARTLETT living in southern VA and/or northern NC counties]

    FFA1A. Joseph BARTLETT 1767 –                                                                               


        FFA1A2. John BARTLETT 1785 –                                                                             

                            DNA 6222/6 [Barb Tomas ]                         

        FFA1A8. William BARTLETT 1804 –


        FFA1A9. Evan BARTLETT 1806 –;                                                                            

           FFA1A9A. Evan BARTLETT Jr 1844; m Sarah Jane SMITH

                            DNA-7378 [Pat Sutton ]

           FFA1A9B. Francis Marion BARTLETT 1847 TN; m

                            DNA-N48915[Bob Bartlett ]

        FFA1A11. Joshua BARTLETT 1811-

           FFA1A11A. Gallant BARTLETT 1837 TN m Nancy DAVIS

                            DNA-19166 [Janet Moravec]

    FFA1B. Joshua BARTLETT 1760s

        FFA1B4. Daniel BARTLETT 1803 KY 1m 1824 Virginia ENGLAND



 [FFC1]. Unknown parents of Nathan BARTLETT

    FFC1C. Nathan BARTLETT 1765                                                                                  

        FFC1C5. Joseph A BARTLETT 1802 KY m c1824 TN Elizabeth “Betsy” BARTLETT

           FFC1C5B John R BARTLETT 1828 TN m 1855 TX Angeline MOORE

               FFC1C5B2. Joseph BARTLETT 1857 TX m Josephine OLDS

                            DNA-29065 [Carol Selander ]                                   

               FFC1C5B10 Ridder H BARTLETT 1877 TX m Trinidad GARCIA

                            DNA-148458 [Carol Selander ]

                            … DNA-149969 [only 12-marker]


[FFD]. Unknown parents of John BARTLETT

    FFD2. John BARTLETT bef 1757-1801 Green Co, KY; ?2m Priscilla FAULKNER

        FFD2A. Joshua BARTLETT 1778 VA-c1838; m 1796 KY Elizabeth FLETCHER 

           FFD2A5. Charles BARTLETT c1806 KY; 1m 1828 KY Margaret LADD


        FFD2B. Solomon BARTLETT 1780 VA-1833 KY; 2m c1801 Isabella MARSHALL

           FFD2B4. Hugh Thompson BARTLETT c1802 KY-1848 KY; m Leah WELCORN



NOTES: FFA and FFC, Joseph, Joshua and Nathan, appear to be closely related and probably lived/traveled together in southern VA and northern NC, before heading west, some through KY for a few years, settling in TN. We don’t know where FFD2, John, was before 1787 Fayette Co, VA. But all of these families have similar naming patterns as F1B3A4, John b 1780, whose father, Samuel, came to Perquimans Co, NC from Plymouth, MA, married Betsy MOORE, and had several children before she died (not the Joseph, Joshua or Nathan above). It appears to me that others from Plymouth, MA also came to NC/VA in the mid 1700s and were the parents of FFA, FFC, FFD – probably closely related to Samuel..



Group G: VA; [Team 6] Warren Co, NC [7 matching participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2

[Since 7608/9270/24699/39598/139081 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of Samuel c1702]


G1A. Samuel BARTLETT c1702 Essex Co, VA-aft 1733 Pr Geo Co, VA; m Catherine _____

         [ref “The Bartlett Tree & Thee” by Hope Bartlett Taylor]

     G1A1. William BARTLETT 1733 VA-1807 Warren Co, NC; m Elizabeth _____

        G1A1B. Samuel BARTLETT 1760-1815 NC;m c 1780 VA Frances FOX

            G1A1B1. William BARTLETT 1784NC-1859 Grayson Co, VA; m 1808 Elizabeth PASCHALL


        G1A1D. Richardson BARTLETT 1764 VA-1821 Edgefield Co, SC; m Nancy ____



GGA. James BARTLETT 1760 VA-1823 Patrick Co, VA; m 1779 VA Temperance WHITLOCK 



GGB. Starling/Sterling BARTLETT 1783 VA1862 GA, m 1807 GA; Betsy ARCHER

                               DNA-7608 [Jean Blackmon - RIP]


GGC. William BARTLETT 1784 VA of Weakley Co, NC; :

                               DNA-14699 [Linda Bartlett ]


GGD. Thomas BARTLETT 1731 England > Thomas > Charles to Canada:

                               DNA-39598 [Bonnie Gallant ]


NOTES: These lines (except GGD) may all come from Samuel BARTLETT c1702 of Essex Co, VA.  NB: Samuel 1702 is not a descendant of Thomas BARTLETT 1670 of Essex Co, VA [no DNA match with Group D]; GGD. Thomas BARTLETT 1731 may indicate the English line from whom Samuel 1702 descends; perhaps the others, too.


                               DNA-139081 [Larry Bartlett ]; matches with Group G; Larry has a paper trail to the Blue Lick, KY BARTLETTs who descend from John BARTLETT of Norwalk, CT [Team 6]. The paper trail has one link that is in dispute. Another man has a paper trail to Team 6 and his recent DNA result does not match 139081. So at this point we have 139081 matching Group G; and we don’t have matching DNA to confirm Team 6.



Group H; Talbot Co, MD [4 matching participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2

[Since 8557/19755/90165 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of Thomas 1635]


H. Thomas BARTLETT 1635 England-1711 Talbot Co, MD: ; m Mary GOODCHILD

    [ref: “The Bartlett and Allied Families 1693-1984 – Twigs and Turf Vol 2” by R Bernice Leonard; available at ]

     H?. Unknown (by JVB) ancestry paper trail back to Thomas 1635;



HHA1A. Thomas BARTLETT b 1782 GA-1838 TN; m 1805 SC Martha MASTIN

                          DNA-8557 [Bill Bartlett ]


HHB1A. Parents of William were born MD & TN

     HHB1A1. William BARTLETT 1823 Wilkinson Co, MS-1905 LA; m 1865 LA Crotia A BARNETT

                          DNA-19755 [Ray Bartlett ]


HHC1A. Jonathan BARTLETT 1800 MD-1862 AR; m 1821 Caroline Co, MD Eliza JACKSON



NOTES: HHC1A. Jonathan was born in MD; and married in Caroline Co, MD. There is a Jonathan BARTLETT b 1721 (grandson of Thomas 1635) living in Caroline Co, MD, I just can’t verify the link.  HHB1A1. William’s father was b MD, but I can’t find him. So it appears H. Thomas 1635 may be the Patriarch of this line



Group I [Team 5]; Newton, MA [13 matching participants]

  Haplogroup I2b [was I or I1c] - The I2b lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe.

[Ref: “A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph BARTLETT of Newton Mass” compiled by Aldis Everard Hibner (1934)]

[Since 7680/115442/117310/160223/125296 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of Joseph c1630]


I. Joseph BARTLETT c1630  England-1702 MA; m 1668 Mary WAITE c

    I2. Joseph BARTLETT 1673 -1750; 1m c1695 Han. HYDE; 2m 1731 Mercy BIRD  

        I2B. Thomas BARTLETT 1697 MA-1774 MA; m 1719 MA Mary BARTLETT.      

            I1B6. Matthew BARTLETT 1728 MA- m c1751 Susannah HINDS

               I1B6B Wyman BARTLETT b 1754

                            DNA-18571 [researcher: Jean Bartlett ]             

           I2B9. Ebenezer BARTLETT 1733-1805 Canada; m 1765 MA Deliverance LEE  

               I2B9A. John BARTLETT b c1776 NS-1837 NS; m 1785 Mary WHIDDEN      

                   I2B9A1. John BARTLETT 1824-1888 NS; m 1847 Mary DOUGLAS           

                            …DNA-51214 [researcher Hal Bartlett ]        

        I2F. Ebenezer BARTLETT 1711-1788; 1m1736 A CLARK; 2m1745 A BALL.      

           I2F5. Enoch BARTLET 1742-1825; m Elizabeth SEGAR                                       

               I2F5X. Reuben BARTLET 1768-1853; m Lydia FROST                                     

                   I2F5X0. Nathan BARTLETT 1802-1880; m Johanna DANIELS                     

                            DNA-7680 [res Bob BARTLETT ]         

           I2F15. Stephen BARTLETT 1765-1832 ME; m 1787 Dorcas BARBOUR.

               I2F15A. Ebenezer BARTLETT 1788 ME-1857 ME; m Lois POWERS

                            DNA-126973 [res Diantha Howard]           

    I6. John BARTLETT c 1676 MA-1721; m Patience (UNK).


IIA. Luca BARTLETT of Buckfastleigh, England                                                                                                         

    IIA2 Alexander BARTLETT b 1610; m 1639 Berry Pomeroy, Engl Christyan LIGHT

        IIA2B. John BARTLETT ch 1644; m 1670 Berry Pomeroy Jone WARD

           IIA2B1. John BARTLETT ch 1673 Berry Pomeroy; m 1690 Johan BROWNE

           IIA2B1A. John BARTLETT ch 1695 Berry Pomeroy; m 1724 Elizabeth GREEN

               IIA2B1A1. John BARTLETT ch 1724; m 1756 Dean Prior Mary BARNS

                   IIA2B1A1H. Charles BARTLETT ch 1774; m 1803 B Pomeroy Jane PEARCE

                       IIA2B1A1H5. Richard BARTLETT ch 1814 Devon; m 1843 Sarah COOME

                            DNA-115442[res. John Bartlett]      


IIB. Edson Lyman BARTLETT 1798VT-1875Quebec; m1824VT Sylvia SHURTLEFF

    IIB1. Horace BARTLETT 1823 Quebec-1896 WI; m 1846 VT Orilla FLINT              

        IIB1B. Monroe S BARTLETT 1851VT-1912 WI; m 1881 Frances SEEVER           

                            DNA-25107 [researcher Mary Wagner ]  

    IIB8. Orrin S BARTLETT 1839 VT-1912 MA; 2m 1866 Frances A WHEELER        

                            DNA-119229 [researcher Nathan Bartlett ]       


IIC. Byron BARTLETT of Mansfield, PA

    IIC1. Victor BARTLETT of Hornell, NY

                            DNA-129580 [researcher Jack Fick ]                                                                                                                                                                                               


UNKNOWN [to me (jvb)]




                            DNA-125296 [researcher Jeff Bartlett [            




Group J [Team 2]; Newbury, MA & South Devon, UK [13 matching participants]

  Haplogroup I1d (L22+,P109-)


J. Richard BARTLETT b c1575; d 1647; m Joan _____; lived Newbury, MA    

    J4. Richard BARTLETT 1621-1698 MA; m Abigail _____                                                                              

        J4A. Samuel BARTLETT b 1646-1732; m Elizabeth TITCOMB

           J4A3. Samuel BARTLETT b 1676-1753; m Abigail WELLS

               J4A3B. Joshua BARTLETT b 1707-1792; m Priscilla JACOBS

                   J4A3B1 Joshua BARTLETT m 1760 Sally BADGER                                                     

                       J4A3B1H. Stephen B BARTLETT b 1774; m 1802 Emma NURSE                           

                          J4A3B1H5. Oliver B BARTLETT 1811 NH-1887 NY; m 1834 NY                      


                   J4A3B7. Samuel BARTLETT 1748-1813; m Lois HIX; moved to ME                          


                       J4A3B7B. William BARTLETT 1776 -1854; m Ruth WATERMAN         


                       J4A3B7C. Samuel BARTLETT 1778 ME-1843 OH; m Eliz KEATING                                      

                          J4A3B7C1. Richard Keating BARTLETT 1800-1877                                            

                              J4A3B7C1B. Jonathan Travillo BARTLETT                                                                          


                          J4A3B7C3. Samuel BARTLETT b 1803-1870 IL; m Rebecca FULK     

                              J4A3B7C3G. James Polk BARTLETT b 1845 Shelby Co, IN:            

                            …DNA-8532 [Bette Bartlett ]                         

        J4B. Richard BARTLETT III 1649-1725 MA; m Hannah EMERY                                           

           J4B3. John BARTLETT 1678-1742 MA; m 1702 Mary ORDWAY                       

               J4B3F. John BARTLETT 1711-1798; m Zipporah FLANDERS                        

                   J4B3F10. Nehemiah BARTLETT 1756-1806; m Abigail WHITCHER         

                       J4B3F10A. Josiah BARTLETT 1782-1846; m Sarah KIMBALL               

                           J4B3F10A1. Zenus BARTLETT 1819-1897; m Sarah JONES                 

                            …DNA-41869 [Barbara Finney ]                                     

                          J4B3F10A2. John BARTLETT 1821-1890; m Sarah ADAMS                 

                            …DNA-47814 [John Clement ]                                

           J4B5. Daniel BARTLETT 1682-1756 MA; m Abigail _____ [MOULTON?]      

               J4B5A. Daniel BARTLETT 1704/5-1786 MA; m Alice SARGENT                   


           J4B8. Stephen BARTLETT 1691-1773 MA; m Hannah WEBSTER                       

               J4B8F. Josiah BARTLETT 1729-1795 NH; m Mary BARTLETT                     

                   [Josiah was Signer of Declaration of Independence and first Gov of NH]        

                            … also line of researcher Winifred McNABB               

           J4B9. Thomas BARTLETT 1695-1771; m 1718 Hannah MOODY                        

               J4B9A. Cutting BARTLETT 1719-1777; m 1763 Hannah BROWN                  

                   J4B9A7. Thomas BARTLETT 1775-1848; m Elizabeth FITZ                          

                       J4B9A7A. Thomas BARTLETT b 1805 MA; d 1847 DC                               

                              …DNA-127514 [Debbie Bartlett ]                                

        J4E.John BARTLETT 1655- 1736; m 29 Sep 1680 Mary RUST                                                                  

               => [generations later] = Rufus BARTLETTT who settled in WV

           J4E2. John BARTLETT 1683- 1752; 2m 1720 Frances KINDRICK                                                       

               J4E2J. Francis BARTLETT b c1722                                                                                                        


           J4E8. Nathan BARTLETT 1691 Newbury, MA; d 1775 ME; m 1714 Shuah HEARD >>> David John

           J4E12. Gideon BARTLETT 1703-1793; m 1725 Abigail EMORY >> York >> Mike PARISH

    J5. Christopher BARTLETT b 1623                                                                                  

        J5D. Christopher BARTLETT 1655-1711; m Deborah WEED                                  

           J5D2. Christopher BARTLETT 1679-1747 MA; m 1717 Mary CLEMENTS     

               J5D2B. Jonathan BARTLETT 1719 MA; m c1742 Lydia CHASE                     

                   J5D2B2. Caleb BARTLETT 1755 NH-1819 Canada; m Molly COOPER     

                       J5D2B2A. Leonard BARTLETT 1779 -1854 Can; m 1800 Anna JEWETT

                            …DNA-8875  [Ingrid Figueroa ]                             

                   J5D2B3. Joseph BARTLETT 1759-1828



Nathaniel BARTLETT 1791/4 Meridity, NH, m 1818 Canada Martha > Daniel S 1826 > Horace A 1860 MA;

                            …DNA-122829 [Steve Bartlett ]; ]                         


Group L; from NC to SC to KY to Lincoln Co, TN & Union Co, IL (Anna) [2 matching participants ]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2


LLA. William BARTLETT 1784 NC-1850s TN; 1m _____ [2m Winiford _____]

     LLA3. James Mansel BARTLETT 1822 KY-1854 Lincoln Co, TN: ; m 1840 TN Ritta RICHARDSON

                             … DNA-71092

     LLA4. Seborn BARTLETT 1824 KY- d 1860s Anna, Union Co, IL; m c1846 Sarah J _____

                             … DNA-53081 [Rexford Bartlett ]


NOTES: From births of his children, it looks like William lived c1812-1820 SC; 1815-1825 KY and was in TN by 1828 – yes there is a confusing overlap 1850-20. William listed his birth place as NC. We need more DNA participants from BARTLETT lines in NC to try to find William’s ancestry]



Group M; Marlboro, MA [3 matching participants]  

  Haplogroup R1b1 - Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago.

[Since 79205/82320 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of William 1690]


M. Henry BARTLETT b Wales, England

     M1. Daniel BARTLETT

        M1A. Jonas BARTLETT

            M1A1. Jonas BARTLETT:

                          DNA-79205 [name & email on file]


MMA. Daniel BARTLETT 1814 MA > Henry: 







Group N; UNK to Pitt Co, NC & SC [3 matching participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2

[Since 45148/43472 are 25/25 match, we’ll use that for the DNA signature of Thomas]



     NNA1. Edward BARTLETT b c1771 Pitt Co, NC; m 1791 NC Lucinda KING

        NNA1F.  William BARTLETT 1811

            NNA1F1.Joseph BARTLETT 1848 TX:



NNB. prob E J BARTLETT 1811 SC; m Emma P _____

     NNB3. Robert Charles BARTLETT 1838 SC [and par. B MD/SC]

                           DNA-45148 [Fred O Bartlett ]


NNC. Peter BARTLETT b 1810 Kent, England



Group O: Motcombe, England BARTLEY [2 matching participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2






Group Q: Perquimans Co, NC [2 matching participants]

  Haplogroup I1d (L22+,P109-)

    [ref “Family Lines” by Adelle Bartlett Harper, 1973.  Adelle had [CCA] Samuel as son of Samuel BARCLIFT of Perquimans Co, NC]


Q. William BARTLETT, Sr Wp Jul 1698 Albemarle Co, NC m Elizabeth d >1698; live Perquinaus Co, NC


     Q1. William BARCLIFT Jr c1678-1721; 1698 Ann DURANT

       Q1A. Thomas BARCLIFT 1699 Perquimans Co, NC-1750 NC; m Elizabeth WILSON

           Q1A3. Joseph BARCLIFT 1740-1793; m Deborah TRUMBALL

                       DNA-137826 [Steven BARCLIFT ]

     Q2. Thomas BARTLETT



Group R; BARTLEY from Ireland [3 matching participants]

  Haplogroup I2a


R. John BARTLETT b Ireland

      R1. Robert BARTLEY b 1777









Group S; Canadian BARTLETTs [2 matching particpants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2


S. Richard BARTLETT 1711 Boston, MA, to Canada 1760;

                          DNA-88048 [Ron Bartlett ]



                          DNA- 107128



Group T; MA [Team 1] [2 participants; plus one matching DNA from another company]

  Haplogroup G*


T. Robert BARTLETT 1603 England-1767 Northampton, MA; m 1635 Anne WARRINGER

    T1. Samuel BARTLETT 1635 CT-1712 MA; m 1675 Sarah BALDWIN

        T1A. Samuel BARTLETT 1677 MA-1746 CT; m 1706 MA Sarah WARD

                          … DNA-122964 [Dawn Kroma ]

        T1F. Ebenezer BARTLETT 1685 MA-1769 MA; 3m 1729 Sarah STRONG

                          DNA-185872 [Bob Bartlett ]


TTA. Matching DNA from another company.



Group V; Hadley, MA [7 matching participants]

  Haplogroup I1


VVA. Father of Oliver & James

    VVA1. Oliver BARTLETT 1743-1783 of Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA:


                           DNA-99448 [Ron Bartlett ]

    VVA2. Joseph BARTLETT 1748-1828 Windham Co, VT; m 1785 VT Silence RICE

        VVA2C. Michael BARTLETT 1789 VT; m 1819 IL Zerviah EDWARDS

                           DNA-39100 [Flavia Hodges ]

        VVA2F. William BARTLETT 1796 VT; m Elizabeth STOCKWELL

                           DNA-39101 [Flavia Hodges ]


VVB. Daniel BARTLETT 1754-1843 of Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA



VVC. Joseph BARTLETT 1630 of Newton, MA

                           DNA-82540 [is this correct ancestry?]


VVC. Unknown to me





Group W; Windsor, CT [Team 8] [4 participants]

  Haplogroup R1b1b2


W. John BARTLETT of Windsor, CT about 1640

    W1. John BARTLETT b 1666

        W1A. Jeremiah BARTLETT b 1701

           W1A1. Jeremiah BARTLETT b 1741

               W1A1A. Zephariah b 1768 to Dudley, MA

                   W1A1A1. Levi BARTLETT b 1805

                          … DNA-N65941

    W2. Benjamin BARTLETT

        W2A. Isaih BARTLETT m Cornelia CORNELISE of New Hackensack, NJ

                -lived Dutchess Co, NY for 3 generations

           W2A1. Hendrick BARTLETT

               W2A1A. Isaiah BARTLETT [Loyalist who moved to Canada]

                   W2A1A1. Henry BARTLETT

                           … DNA-57008 [Brian BARTLEY ]


WWA. BARTLETT participant lived in Canada

                          … DNA-N46627






 Group UK; England [Not really a Group. All of these men descend from UK BARTLETTs, and most do NOT have matching DNA with American lines or any other known BARTLETT lines. The are all listed under “Group UK” to highlight the different UK BARTLETT lines, and to emphasize the fact that they don’t have any matches.  We need  more UK BARTLETT men to join our project; 5 participants who actually are British and live in the UK, Australia, New Zealand]

  43356 [Somerset/Pendomer] [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  N11207  [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  66153  [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  66199  [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  97834 New Zealand [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  78322 [de Stopham] [NO MATCHES with each other or any other Group]

  115442 [see Group I – finally a UK-USA match]

[See immigrants from England to America from other Groups at end of this list]


The following Participants with no known matches [we need more participants from the same lines, to verify the DNA of the Patriarch]:


PA [Charles b 1787]: DNA-93976,

PA: DNA-69412 BURKLEY [Y-37] [R1b1b2]

NJ: DNA-N34134

James Perry BARTLETT b 1844 MO: DNA-32915 [R1b1b2]

Robert BARTLETT: DNA-33317

New London, CT: DNA-106074 [I1b]

BARCLAY; DNA-19387 [R1b1b2]

Worcester Co, MA DNA-N54156

BARKLEY: DNA-N54988 [R1b1b2]

DNA-123129 [R1b1b2]

DNA-126973 [R1b1b2]

DNA-157454 [R1b1b2]

Andrew Jackson BARTLETT: DNA-182616 [R1b1b2]

Team 6 (maybe): DNA-192766



The following immigrants to Colonial America are NOT RELATED to anyone in Group UK – Their DNA Groups are shown:

[additional lines from England in established Groups – they do not match each other; and they do not match any above]

  Nicholas BARTLETT 1642 England or France; of Somerset Co, MD  – see Group C [R1b1]

  Robert BARTLETT 1603 England, of “Anne” lived Plymouth, MA [Mayflower]  - see Group F [R1b1c]

  Thomas BARTLETT 1731 England > Thomas > Charles to Canada – see Group G [R1b1c]

  Thomas BARTLETT 1655 England-1711 Talbot Co, MD – see Group H [R1b1c]

  Joseph BARTLETT 1630 of  Newton, MA – see Group I [I1c]

  Edmond BARTLETT of Eunley, England > Richard 1575 of Newbury, MA [1634 to America] – see Group J [I1a]

  Henry BARTLETT of Marlboro, MA – see Group M [R1b1]


See for the BARTLETT Teams:

Team 1: Robert BARTLETT 1632 of “Lyon” to CT to MA – see Group T

Team 2: Richard BARTLETT of Newbury, MA – see Group J

Team 3: Thomas BARTLETT 1730 of Fauquier/Harrison Co, VA – see Group B

Team 4: James BARTLETT > Samuel Douglas – see Group D

Team 5: Joseph BARTLETT of Newton, MA – see Group I

Team 6: John BARTLETT of Norwalk, CT – see Group G [provisional]

Team 7: Thomas BARTLETT 1670 of Essex Co, VA – see Group D

Team 8: John BARTLETT of Windsor, CT – see Group W

Team 9: Robert BARTLETT of Plymouth, MA of Anne (Mayflower) – see Group F [DNA matches Team 11]

Team 10: John BARTLETT of Weymouth, MA and Cumberland, RI – see Group W

Team 11: Joseph/Joshua BARTLETT of VA, NC & TN Group F [DNA matches Team 9]


Jim Bartlett

BARTLETT-DNA Project Administrator