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The latest news concerning the BAIRD surname study is the announcement of the Family Finder test. 
Please consult the FamilyTreeDNA or the BAIRD project page for more information.

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Andrew BEARD of Billerica, MA: *FREE* Y-DNA Test for Descendant!
A *FREE* Y-DNA test is available to the first well-documented direct male-line descendant of Andrew-1 BEARD of Billerica, Massachusetts who contacts me privately at
The purpose of the Y-DNA test is to confirm a highly probable line of descent from Andrew-1 BEARD for men featured in my next article for the scholarly genealogical quarterly, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record ( Y-DNA of these men’s descendants matches, confirming that they share a common BEARD ancestor. Conventional genealogical research indicates that these men are heretofore unknown descendants of Andrew-1 BEARD.