Arterburn DNA Project- Background






For background on the history and genealogy of the ARTERBURN family,

see the online text versions of these books now available in the digital

archives of Family History Library:


Arterburn,  C. Norben,  and Janet D. Arterburn.  The Arterburn Cousins.

[Ogden? Utah]:  C.N. Arterburn, 1977.


Arterburn, Charles R.  Some Research Notes and Current Hypotheses of

the Origin of the Arterburn Family and Surname: Based on Historical and

Genealogical Sources and Recent DNA Analyses. Lexington, Ky:  

C.R. Arterburn, 2010.


(To access reference links found at the end of each section 

in Some Research Notes, open a separate window/page in

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Arterburn, Charles R.  Supplemental Notes on the History of the Arterburn

Family in America.  Lexington, Ky:  C.R. Arterburn, 2013.


(Supplemental Notes presents my most recent findings about

the families of Peter and William, and also about Peter's origin.

See "News" page for further updates and links to additional 

research resources for Supplemental Notes.)








The following linked online reference sources used in my book

(cf. Some Research Notes, 7th edition) have since been relocated

and have new Internet addresses (URL):



1.   History of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Virginia Conference,

by A. P. Funkhouser (1853-1917)  / compiled by Oren F. Morton.  See especially

.pdf/pages 26-36; also, chapters 2, 5.   

All of Funkhouser’s little book is worth reading for its overview of the religious

and social life of 18th-Century Virginians and of their Old World sectarian heritage.

(Re: Some Research Notes, Endnotes #25c and #41, pp. 123-26, 158-62)


2.   Records of Indentures and Guardianships in Shenandoah County, Virginia,

1772-1831 / extracted by Daniel W. Bly. Search/find: “Arterburn.” 

(Re: Some Research Notes, Endnote #27, pp. 131-32; also, sections IV, VIII.)  

Photo-images of Bly’s original pages can be found at Shenandoah County

GenWeb, which include an explanatory Introduction. Bly’s original pages

(from 1774) have also been transcribed as searchable text at GenWeb.  

(For additional Arterburn records from Shenandoah County abstracted

by Gilreath, see also Some Research Notes, Endnote #18, pp. 100-12)


3.   “Shenandoah County, Virginia Marriage Records (Shenandoah County

Virginia GenWeb). Search/find: “Arterburn.” (Re: Some Research Notes,

Endnote #22, pp. 115-17)


4.   “Staying Put or Getting Out: Findings for Charles County, Maryland,

1650-1720” (JSTOR/William and Mary Quarterly, third series, v. 44, no. 1),

by Lorena Walsh.   (Re: Some Research Notes, Endnote #9, pp. 82-83)

Additional articles and books by Lorena Walsh about the colonial Chesapeake

have also been published.


5.   Peter Arterburn House, 1936 WPA Site Survey, Virginia Historical

Inventory Project, Library of Virginia.  Select Images and Indexes tab, 

Virginia Historical Inventory database, and search for: “Peter Arterburn.”

(Re: Some Research Notes, Endnote #17, pp. 96-100)




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