Associated Clan MacLeod Society Genetics Study - News

Other FamilyTreeDNA projects that might be of interest to MacLeods:

The Normanites Project
Open to individuals who are descendants of the followers of Rev. Norman McLeod who emigrated from Scotland via Nova Scotia to Waipu, New Zealand.

The R-L165 Project
Open to R1b participants who have tested positive for the terminal SNP L165, also known as S68

6/6/2005: University College London [UCL] has just released the Clan MacLeod Modal from their study of 366 male MacLeods (however spelled) from around the world. This is shown in the below:



This should not be given wider interpretation than to indicate that for this particular group of participants, this proved to be the dominant Y-DNA pattern. No inferences should be made that this is "Leod's Y-DNA" or even the "real" MacLeod DNA. It is, however, of interest and serves as a base of information from which our study can move forward.