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"Mugford" - Surname Project

Members: 19


Surnames In Project: Mogford , Mudford , Mufford , Mugford , Mutford

Connecting all genetically related Mugford (and variant spellings) families everywhere, especially where genealogies do not exist or where existing records do not go back far enough, and to test the single-founder hypothesis for Mugfords. The project will also discover the ancient ethnic and geographic origins of the various Mugford family lines. This project is open to all male Mugfords (and spelling variants like Mogford, Mudford, Mufford, and Mutford). Women who are interested in these questions can sponsor their Mugford father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, or a male Mugford cousin. For testing, we strongly recommend choosing the 67-marker Y-STR test ("Y-67") for good resolution in finding matches. Later, tests of specific SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) might be recommended based on the initial Y-67 test results and the lab's prediction of a new member's haplogroup.

Please fill out the form to request to join this project. Your information will be sent to the project's Administrator. If the Administrator agrees that you should be part of this project, you will be sent a "join code" to order. If you would like to order now at the reduced project rates please click here. Ordering from this page will allow you to get started with your test (and get the discount) while you wait for authorization to join this project.

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