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"Byrne" - Surname Project

Members: 424


Surnames In Project: Beirne , Birne , Bourne , Bournes , Breen , Brien , Burn , Burne , Burnes , Burness , Burns , Byrne , Byrnes , O'Beirne , O'Byrne

This project will endeavor to separate families with surnames similar to Byrne--e.g., Beirne, Birne, Burns--and trace each back to its origins. For this reason, we are concerned with Y-DNA only, and while we accept test results for 25 markers, a 37 marker or higher test is strongly encouraged. We do not track autosomal or mitochondrial DNA. The project also aims to provide evidence of common ancestors for genealogical researchers in their quest to pool resources. By joining members agree that they will provide for display the biographic data for their Earliest Known Ancestor, and agree their test results will be uploaded to Ysearch and other data bases to research for commonalities, as long as the member's privacy is safeguarded. Males with one of the below listed surnames will be automatically accepted into the project. Males of other surnames must explain their reasons for applying.

Please fill out the form to request to join this project. Your information will be sent to the project's Administrator. If the Administrator agrees that you should be part of this project, you will be sent a "join code" to order. If you would like to order now at the reduced project rates please click here. Ordering from this page will allow you to get started with your test (and get the discount) while you wait for authorization to join this project.

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