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Facts & Genes

Family Tree DNA
Family Tree DNA

Facts & Genes
Volume 9, Issue 2, March/April 2011

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Family Tree DNA

In The News
Family Tree DNA is pleased to announce milestones achieved and new features.

Family Tree DNA has the largest DNA database in the world for genetic genealogy. As of April 02, 2011, the Family Tree DNA database has 329,073 records. We also have:

  • 101,171 unique surnames
  • 203,473 Y-DNA records in the database
  • 124,230 25-marker records in the database
  • 105,023 37-marker records in the database
  • 46,117 67-marker records in the database
  • 125,600 mtDNA records in the database
  • 14,077 FGS records in the database

Launched on March 4, 2011 – Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree Update

We are excited to announce that we have updated our Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree to reflect new haplogroup sub-branches!  Family Tree DNA, in partnership with the YCC, periodically reviews known SNPs in order to evaluate those that meet the requirements to be added to the haplotree. The SNPs that passed this review are now included in the haplotree and considered for deep clade testing.

Along with this update to the tree, we have implemented some changes in the ordering process for deep clade and SNP testing:

We now offer a universal deep clade test for $89. This will identify a customer’s terminal SNP for any haplogroup.  If a customer has pending results for a deep clade test, they will automatically be tested according to the new tree.

If a customer has never ordered a deep clade test, they will have the option either to order the universal deep clade for $89 or order individual SNPs from the tree.

Follow these instructions for the new SNP ordering system if you already have results for the first 12 markers of a Y-DNA test–

  • Log in to your “My FTDNA” page and click the ‘Haplotree’ button.
  • If you see the words “You Are Eligible For An Upgrade” then click the “Continue for more information” button which will take you to an order page for the Deep Clade test. 
Or, if you already have Deep Clade results and do not see the “You Are Eligible For An Upgrade” button, you can click “Continue to Choose SNPs.”  If you do not have any SNPs available to order, an alert box will appear letting you know “You currently have no SNPs available to order.”

Family Tree DNA

Upcoming Events

April 6, 2011
Lone Star Chapter of Association of Professional Genealogists
Clayton Library for Genealogical Research
Carriage House
5300 Caroline St.
Houston, Texas 77004
A representative from Family Tree DNA will speak at 2:45 p.m.

April 6-10, 2011
New England Regional Genealogical Conference
Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place
Springfield, Massachusetts 01144

May 11-14, 2011
NGS 2011 Family History Conference
Charleston Area Convention Center
5001 Coliseum Drive
North Charleston, South Carolina

June 10-12, 2011
Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
Burbank, California
Speaker: Bennett Greenspan, President and CEO, Family Tree DNA
Visit our booth

Family Tree DNA

For Group Admins

Family Tree DNA provides more features and tools than any other company to maximize the benefits of coordinating results in a DNA project. Currently, there are over 6,300 surname projects along with other types of projects including geographical groups. 

A sample of project features and tools:

  • General Fund
  • mtDNA Results Classic
  • Pending Lab Results
  • Public Website
  • Received Lab Results
  • Y-DNA Results Classic
  • Y-DNA Results Colorized
  • Y-DNA Unique Haplotypes

Some of the new features implemented in GAP 2.0 are:

  • Country of Origin Charts
  • Download Files
  • Haplogroup Charts
  • General Fund Charts
  • Maternal Ancestry
  • Paternal Ancestry
  • Project Statistics

And many more!  Various tools are also included for Family Finder test results.  If you do not have your DNA project with Family Tree DNA, what are you waiting for?  Visit to search or browse our projects.

Family Tree DNA

Success Story
Submitted by Jim Miller

My father was born Carl Rhoads Jr. in Texas and never met or even knew his father's name until he was an adult. His mother was in another relationship when he was an infant and called my father James Miller after that man. Her history with men wasn't very good and my father never had a father in his life. Unfortunately he passed away in 2007, never even certain whether Carl Rhoads who may have been his father really was based on his mother's lifestyle. After my dad passed, I read a story in AARP and then saw a TV story about DNA testing and decided this would be the way to give my dad a history even if a little too late to do him any good. I turned up an exact genetic match at 37 markers 0 distance to another Rhoads. He had a family tree with only one Carl Rhoads in the tree born in Oklahoma but raised in Texas where my father was born. More research resulted in a great family tree which included a large number of famous relatives. My father never had much of a family, and I know he always regretted not having any roots. I started my search to honor my dad and have a feeling he rests a little more at peace now that he has roots.

Family Tree DNA


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In the Next Issue

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of Facts & Genes. Please feel free to contact the editor with your comments, feedback, questions to be addressed, as well as suggestions and success stories for future articles. If you are a Group Administrator and can help others with tips or suggestions, please contact our editor.

Family Tree DNA


Family Tree DNA
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