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Family Tree DNA On 60 Minutes

On October 7, 2007, Family Tree DNA was presented on CBS 60 Minutes as the company that found a West family connection between Marion West and James West, cousin of Vy Higgensen, whose story was prominently featured on the show.

In fact, Family Tree DNA is the only company where this discovery could have been made, because it has the largest comparative DNA database in the world, and is the only company that offers matching systems, surname projects, and instant email notification that connects people when testing indicates they share a recent common ancestor.

Family Tree DNA also provides connections for people of Native American, African American and Jewish Ancestry and is extremely cautious in providing specific tribal information where over-interpretation may be personally satisfying but scientifically disingenuous.

If you would like to join a surname project, use the search box on the right, and order your Y-DNA test from the corresponding project. This test will look into your direct paternal ancestry.

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For the CBS 60 minutes segment, please follow this link.