Volume 4, Issue 7
December 07, 2005

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Editor's Corner

Welcome to this issue of Facts & Genes.

This is a Special Edition of our newsletter, to inform you about an exciting Holiday offering from Family Tree DNA. Details are below in the article titled "In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements"

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In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements

As Family Tree DNA gets close to the mark of 50,000 test kits sold, we would like to thank all our customers for making Family Tree DNA the leading company in the field of Genetic Genealogy.

In recognition and appreciation of our Group Administrators and the Genetic Genealogy community, we are offering 3 Gift Certificates to be used by individuals that want to get tested. Two(2) Gift Certificates are for $30 and are available for participants who order a new kit for a Y DNA test for 25 or 37 markers. A $15.00 Gift Certificate is available to participants who order a new kit for an mtDNA test.

To claim your Gift Certificate from Family Tree DNA, click on the links below:

For a $30.00 Y DNA Gift Certificate:

For a $15.00 mtDNA Gift Certificate:

Order your test kit through the appropriate Surname Project. The Gift Certificates are limited to two(2) Y DNA and one(1) mtDNA new test kits per Surname Project.

If you don't know if a Surname Project exists for your surname, click on the link below to search our database of Surname Projects:


Then place your order as a member of the Surname Project.

Gift Certificates are not valid for Y DNA 12 marker orders, upgrades, or add-ons.

The Gift Certificates are valid starting on December 6, 2005 and expire on December 31, 2005. The test kits must be ordered and paid by December 31, 2005.

Take advantage of this opportunity, and claim a Gift Certificate. The Gift Certificates can be used to order the test you have been thinking of taking, to buy a gift for that needed participant, or to give a gift of discovery this Holiday Season.

To redeem your Gift Certificate:

* When paying by credit card, after you place your order, contact Julie@familytreeDNA.com, and provide the kit number and a refund of the value of the Gift Certificate will be posted to the credit card used in the purchase.

* When paying by the invoice method, after you place your order, contact Julie@familytreeDNA.com, and provide the kit number. We must receive your payment by December 31, 2005, or the Gift Certificate will expire.

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We hope you have enjoyed this special edition of issue of Facts & Genes. Please feel free to contact the editor with your comments, feedback, questions to be addressed, as well as suggestions for future articles. If you are a Group Administrator and can help others with tips or suggestions, please contact: editor@FamilyTreeDNA.com

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