The Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page shows the results of standard Y-DNA short tandem repeat (STR) tests: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, and Y-DNA111.

  • ¤ This result is new since your last sign in.
  • * A value of “0” for any marker indicates that the lab reported a null value for this marker. Our labs retest all cases of null values multiple times to confirm their accuracy. Mutations causing null values are infrequent, but fathers pass on null values to their sons just like other Y-DNA mutations. Therefore, related male lineages such as a father and a son are likely to share null values.
  • ** DYS19 is also known as DYS394.
  • *** The Family Tree DNA and the Genographic Project report DYS389II differently.
What do the numbers on the Y-DNA - Standard Y-STR Values page mean?
The numbers and letters in the Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page are the results for your Y-chromosome DNA short tandem repeat (STR) tests.

The first row is the locus number in the test panel. For example, for the first panel (Y-DNA12 results) each locus is numbered 1 through 12. The second row is the scientific name of each STR tested. Everyone who tests, respective to the Y-DNA12, 25, 37, or 67 marker tests, is tested for the same STR markers at the same loci. The third row contains the allele values for each STR. These are the values that make up your (and your exact match’s) DNA signature.

How many STR (short tandem repeat) markers have I tested?
You can determine how many Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) markers you tested by checking the Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page of your myFTDNA account. To do so:

  1. Sign in to your myFTDNA account.
  2. Go to the Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page.
  3. Look to see which markers have results and which say that tests are pending.