The mtDNA – Migration Maps page shows two maps to help you visualize your direct maternal ancestors’ historic and anthropological migrations.

The first is the Haplogroup Migrations Map. It shows general migration paths for the major haplogroups.

The second is the Haplogroup Frequency map. It shows the frequency of the major haplogroups for different world regions.

mtDNA – Migration Maps Page Questions

On the mtDNA - Migrations Maps page, the lines and arrows on the Migration Map point to specific locations. Do the locations have a special significance?
The lines and arrows on the Migration map are not specific to exact locations. Rather, they are meant to provide a general migration direction.
On the mtDNA - Migrations Maps page, what is the source of the percentages for the Frequency map?

On the mtDNA – Migrations Maps page, the Frequency map uses data from our customer and research databases.