I transferred my Y-STRs to Family Tree DNA, why did some of my marker values change?

Family Tree DNA and Sorenson Labs use different standards to report four STR (short tandem [...]

After I transfer Y-DNA results, what are my options for upgrading with Family Tree DNA?

After you transfer your Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA, you may:

Order the Y-DNA33/25 [...]

How do I take part in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Transfer program?

You may take part in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Transfer program by following [...]

How will potential transfers learn about Family Tree DNA’s Y-DNA Transfer program? As a project administrator, how may I reach out to those who may wish to use the Y-DNA Transfer to join my project?

Promoting the Y-DNA Transfer program depends on the efforts of project administrators. Your method [...]

If my Y-DNA STR results include micro-alleles, will they be transferred?

If you have a micro-allele value for one of the STRs that you transfer, [...]

Which companies’ Y-DNA results qualify for the current transfer offer?

Y-DNA results from any company that uses Sorenson Labs qualify for the current Y-DNA [...]

What is the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA STR Transfer program?

The Y-DNA Transfer program is the opportunity for those who previously Y-DNA tested at a [...]