How do I find out the time to the most recent common ancestor in years?

You can convert from generations to years by multiplying the number of generations by an average number of years between generations. In general, you [...]

Do all FTDNATiP™ calculations offer the ability to add genealogical data? Why don’t you always show it?

When using the FTDNATiP™ calculator in myFTDNA, the box in which to enter the number of generations appears only when you are not comparing [...]

Will testing additional STR markers improve FTDNATiP™ calculations?

Yes, a higher number of compared Y-DNA STR markers does increase the power and accuracy for Time to Most Common Ancestor (TMRCA) calculation. However, [...]

Bob, John, and I have the same Genetic Distance. However, when compared, we have different probabilities for sharing a common ancestor, for example, within eight generations. Why?

FTDNATip™ uses both the number of mismatches and the mutation rates of individual markers in calculations. This means that although two men may have [...]

How do I tell how closely I am related to a Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) match? What is FTDNATiP™?

You may use Family Tree DNA’s Time Predictor, FTDNATiP™, to determine how closely you are related to a match. It provides powerful and precise [...]

When will FTDNA publish the mutation values for each marker?

Family Tree DNA will post FTDNATiP™ mutation rates when the final University of Arizona study is published in the literature.