After I return the kit, how long will results take?


Most of our tests typically take 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the time we receive your sample in our lab, except Family [...]

I have ordered a test. How soon will my account show the test’s pending status?

The pending status and an estimated results date will be shown after your order is added to a weekly batch. Weekly batches are usually [...]

You are rerunning my test. Does this mean I need to submit a new DNA sample?

In most cases, we will not need to request additional samples. This is only necessary if we have exhausted the samples that you have [...]

How do I order additional tests?

You may order additional tests or upgrades online through your myFTDNA account on the Order Additional DNA Tests page. To access this page:

1. Sign in [...]

Will I get results through the mail?

No. Family Tree DNA is an online product. You can access your results through your myFTDNA account.

We do offer printable certificates for three types of tests: [...]

How do I order a kit?

Once you have chosen a test, you can place your order through the Family Tree DNA website. You have the option of ordering directly [...]