Can I withdraw my participation in the mtDNA Full Sequence results research program?

If your results have not yet been provided to a study, yes, you may withdraw your agreement.

However, please note that when your results are [...]

Can I contribute my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) results to research without the mtDNA full sequence test?

No. After ordering the mtDNA Full Sequence test, you will have the option to complete the donation survey using a link inside your myFTDNA [...]

How is mtDNA Community matching different from internal FamilyTreeDNA matching?

The mtDNA Community matching pages contain many of the same tools and features as internal FamilyTreeDNA matching. The difference is that potential matches at [...]

How do I contribute my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) results to research?

If you have taken the Mitochondrial DNA Full Genomic Sequence test, you may agree to allow your results to be contributed to science. To [...]

Should I upload someone else’s results to mtDNA Community?

You should only help someone else with his or her full knowledge of mtDNA Community’s intended use and scope. We strongly recommend both having [...]

Who outside the Genetic Genealogy community might use mtDNA Community?

Because mtDNA Community contains both published academic samples as well as many private samples, many groups may wish to upload samples to mtDNA Community [...]