How can I determine if a group member has signed and returned a release form?

You can determine if a project member has signed and returned their release form on the GAP – Member Information page.

To do so:

Sign in to [...]

May I add additional administrators and co-administrators to my project?

Yes, you may add additional administrators or co-administrator to your project. Please follow these steps.

Tell him/her about Family Tree DNA and DNA group projects.

How do I know which of my members have tested with the Genographic Project?

Individuals who transfer their results from the Genographic Project to Family Tree DNA have kit numbers that begin with the letter N.

Why has this kit been listed on the Pending Shipment to Lab page for so long?

Kits that have not been paid will remain on the Member Reports Pending Shipment to Lab page. Kits will not be shipped to the [...]

What do the colors for the Y-DNA results chart headings mean?

The Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results chart headings are color coded in two ways. First, each testing level (Y-DNA1-12, Y-DNA13-25, Y-DNA26-37, Y-DNA38-67, and Y-DNA68-111) is coded with [...]

As an Administrator, how will I communicate with my project members?

Family Tree DNA gives Project Administrators a group email tool. It allows them to send project participants emails about new results and other project [...]