A member of my project tested before you implemented the SNP Assurance Program. Will you confirm his haplogroup?

If your project member tested before we started the SNP Assurance Program, and their haplogroup is unpredicted on the Y-DNA, Haplotree & SNPs page of [...]

Will Family Finder Project members be able to see their analytic data? Will they rely on me for all interpretation?

Part of your responsibility as a project administrator is to interpret the genetic relationships between project members in light of traditional genealogical records. Members [...]

For Family Finder, there is nothing that automatically becomes public like Y-Chromosome DNA results. How can I share related discoveries with my project members?

The Family Finder test provides sensitive information about relationships. Therefore, thought must go into presenting matching results to all project members and to the [...]

Why is my group member missing a section of his Y-DNA results?

If a project member is missing part of his Y-DNA results, his testing is not complete. The lab performs testing in panels. We post [...]

How can I use the Family Finder test for my surname or paternal lineage group project?

The Family Finder test has many uses within a surname or paternal lineage project. It helps to,

Bring into your project men and women who [...]

Why don’t my project members (who are Y-DNA67 perfect matches) match each other with Family Finder?

It is not unusual for the relationship to be undetected. Most Y-DNA67 exact matches are related within six generations. That is 4th cousins. Family [...]