As a Group Project Administrator, how do I promote a Co-Administrator to an Administrator?

As a group Project Administrator, you can promote a Group Co-Administrator to Group Administrator. After changing someone’s status, you should let the other Group Administrators and Co-Administrators in your [...]

How do I convert SNP coordinates from one build to another?

by Gerrit van der Ende
Originally published August 8, 2014
As more is learned about the human genome, new Genome assemblies are released. For [...]

How do I view Join Requests for my project?

You may view Join Requests on the Join Authorization page. To do so:

Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and [...]

How do I make my project a Private Project?

You may make your project private by removing it from the Projects Index and by not allowing others to join the project without a Join Request.

To [...]

How do I add a table of Family Tree DNA results to an external website?

Family Tree DNA provides result pages that you may include on an external website by using an HTML iFrame. They are shown on the [...]

Does GAP 2.0 include the display of advanced Y-Chromosome STR markers?

Advanced STR markers are shown on the standard Y-DNA results pages where they are part of a standard marker panel.