As a Group Project Administrator, how do I promote a Co-Administrator to an Administrator?

As a group Project Administrator, you can promote a Group Co-Administrator to Group Administrator. After changing someone’s status, you should let the other Group Administrators and Co-Administrators in your [...]

How do I remove my name and email address from my Group Project webpage?

If you wish, you may remove your name and email address from displaying on your  Group Project’s webpage.

To remove your name and email address from [...]

Project Administration: myGroups (Beta) Basics

Welcome to our basic group administration tutorial on how to make the most of your new myGroups page.  You can see a breakdown of [...]

How do I convert SNP coordinates from one build to another?

by Gerrit van der Ende
Originally published August 8, 2014
As more is learned about the human genome, new Genome assemblies are released. For [...]

A member of my project tested before you implemented the SNP Assurance Program. Will you confirm his haplogroup?

If your project member tested before we started the SNP Assurance Program, and their haplogroup is unpredicted on the Y-DNA, Haplotree & SNPs page of [...]

How do I know the order I placed was completed?

After you have placed the order, we will send you an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation, please check your [...]