Ken Nordtvedt – Genetic Genealogy Interview

In genetic genealogy, Dr. Ken Nordtvedt is one of the icons of early Y-DNA Haplogroup origins research. His earliest work was in sub-grouping Y-DNA [...]

CeCe Moore – Genetic Genealogy Interview

CeCe Moore is one of the best known and most loved bloggers, Your Genetic Genealogist, in genetic genealogy. She is known throughout the community for [...]

Blaine Bettinger – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Blaine Bettinger was one of the earliest to have a blog, The Genetic Genealogist, dedicated to using DNA for genealogy and personal ancestry. When I began [...]

Jim Barrett – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jim Barrett is an active member of the genetic genealogy community who administers several surname group projects. He is well known on the ISOGG group administrators’ [...]

Tim Janzen – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Tim Janzen is a community leader in using autosomal DNA (what we inherit equally from both parents) to trace and affirm family connections. With [...]

Janine Cloud – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Janine Cloud joined Family Tree DNA and the genetic genealogy community as an information specialist several years ago. She came from a long career [...]