Project Administration: myGroups (Beta) Basics

Welcome to our basic group administration tutorial on how to make the most of your new myGroups page.  You can see a breakdown of [...]

myOrigins Introduces New Population Cluster Names!

Based on your feedback, we simplified the population cluster names on myOrigins!  It will now be easier than ever to share (and pronounce) your [...]

myOrigins: Unraveling Ancestries

by Razib Khan Who are you? Where do you come from?

These are fundamental questions that we as human beings ask.

Genetics is one part of the answer [...]

myOrigins – Surprising Threads on the Tapestry

 by Razib Khan
Sometimes what we think we know about the past obscures what the true past is because the elements that we use to [...]

Al Aburto – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Al Aburto is a member of the genetic genealogy community and a group project administrator. He became involved in genetic genealogy in 2005. He [...]

Eugen Hartmann – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Eugen Hartmann joined the genetic genealogy community in 2009. He is the group project administrator of two geographic projects.  Both focus on those of [...]