How do I tell if I have Jewish ancestry on my direct maternal (mitochondrial DNA) line?

Judaism is a religion and not a genetic attribute that can be defined by a DNA mutation. However, because Jewish populations have been endogamous [...]

What percent of Jews carry the Cohanim Modal Haplotype (CMH)?

From surveys of markers in Jewish cemeteries, about 5% of Jewish men have historically been Cohanim. Genetic research indicates that many Jewish men who [...]

What is the Cohen Match badge?

If you have a Cohen Match badge on your myFTDNA dashboard, it means that you match or are close to the historic Cohen Modal Haplotype [...]

What are the challenges of Jewish genealogy?

Jewish genealogy includes many challenges that mean more frequent and problematic road blocks for the Jewish genealogist than for the non-Jewish genealogist. The following are [...]