I transferred my Y-STRs to Family Tree DNA, why did some of my marker values change?

Family Tree DNA and Sorenson Labs use different standards to report four STR (short tandem repeat) marker values. After you transfer your results, we convert [...]

After I transfer Y-DNA results, what are my options for upgrading with Family Tree DNA?

After you transfer your Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA, you may:

Order the Y-DNA33/25 or Y-DNA46/37 marker completion panel (if you have not yet [...]

How do I take part in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Transfer program?

You may take part in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Transfer program by following these steps.

Go to the Y-DNA Transfer page.
Select the transfer [...]

I tested with Relative Genetics, do I qualify for the transfer?

When Relative Genetics ceased operations, they transferred all results to DNA Ancestry (Ancestry.com). Depending on the number of tested markers you now have in [...]

How will potential transfers learn about Family Tree DNA’s Y-DNA Transfer program? As a project administrator, how may I reach out to those who may wish to use the Y-DNA Transfer to join my project?

Promoting the Y-DNA Transfer program depends on the efforts of project administrators. Your method for reaching out to potential transfers will vary. Here are [...]

If my Y-DNA STR results include micro-alleles, will they be transferred?

If you have a micro-allele value for one of the STRs that you transfer, it will not be included as a micro-allele.