After I transfer my DNA Heritage results, what are my options for upgrading with Family Tree DNA?

After you transfer your DNA Heritage results to Family Tree DNA, you may:

Order the Y-DNA37 marker completion panel (if you have not yet done [...]

After I transfer my results from DNA Heritage to Family Tree DNA, will I have to submit new DNA to Family Tree DNA in order to upgrade?

Yes, if you wish to order additional testing or an upgrade to your Y-DNA results, you will need to submit a new DNA sample.

Haplogroup Prediction for Basic DNA Heritage Transfers

The basic DNA Heritage to Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Conversion program includes haplogroup prediction. It does not include SNP Assurance testing.

As a DNA Heritage surname project administrator, can I opt-in for my project members? As the project administrator, if I’m the only contact for a deceased member, can I transfer their results?

You cannot opt-in for your DNA Heritage project members. If there are deceased members, the same rules that applied to your relationship with that [...]

How do I transfer my DNA Heritage Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA?

If you are the owner or primary kit manager for a DNA Heritage Y-DNA sample, you may transfer your results to Family Tree DNA. [...]

Does Family Tree DNA employ the same privacy policies as DNA Heritage?

Family Tree DNA employs a stringent privacy policy. We are committed to the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program – The European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection. [...]