Will participating in a project limit my matches? Will I still be able to match against the entire database?

Project participation will not automatically limit your ability to discover matches in the entire Family Tree DNA database. However, there are two ways that [...]

Why should I participate in a project?

Projects are designed to help individuals who may have similar ancestry connect with one another. You should consider participating in a project if:

You are [...]

Why am I being asked to fill out a Join Request?

The administrator has chosen to require approval for participation in the group project. You need to include your name, e-mail address, and why you [...]

What if my surname or region is not listed?

As people moved from place to place, surnames evolved into different spellings. When searching for a DNA project to join, look to see if [...]

What happens to my results if I decide to leave a project?

Your results are not affected by project participation or by the decision not to participate in a project.

How do I join or remove myself from a project once I’ve received my results?

Once your results are posted online, you will be able to join or remove yourself from group projects at will using your myFTDNA account.