Thanksgiving Sale – Price Chart

Thanksgiving Sale – Price Chart


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What is a Relevant Match?

A “Relevant Match” as stated in the Family Tree DNA release form is one of the following:
Relevant Matches

Genetic Distance of Relevant Matches

Y-DNA 12
Exact [...]

myFamilyTree | GEDCOM

For the first time since the inception of genetic genealogy, you can add your DNA matches to your personal family tree with the myFamilyTree tool from Family [...]

Will you analyze health information? Will you allow insurance companies to have access to any information?

No. Family Tree DNA does not sell clinical or diagnostic tests. Our tests are for ancestry and genealogy.

Because the field of genetics is dynamic [...]

I am considering testing with a company that uses your lab. Does Family Tree DNA certify or screen projects and affiliates? Should I consider their use of the Family Tree DNA lab an endorsement of the company by Family Tree DNA?

Family Tree DNA neither certifies nor endorses groups or organizations that choose to act as resellers of our DNA tests. While all group projects [...]