Does the myOrigins tool use non-autosomal DNA results?

No. Only your autosomal DNA results from the Family Finder microarray chip are used. The myOrigins tool does not use mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), X-chromosome DNA, [...]

How can I tell which side of my family (mother or father) a population match comes from?

It is not possible to tell how much of each region you match is from each parent. This is because your autosomal DNA comes [...]

Does the myOrigins tool use other customers’ data in comparisons?

No. Data from other customers is not used. The data for the myOrigins tool comes from academic samples.

How many generations in the past do myOrigins results reflect?

myOrigins results are your personal genetic ancestry that reflects the last 100 to 2,000 years (about four to 80 generations). They may also reflect one population [...]

Can myOrigins determine the specific country from which my ancestors originated?

No. Strict political boundaries (ancient or current) do not set variance in human genetics. There has always been movement between geographic regions. These migrations [...]

Can I use the myOrigins tool to prove a family tradition? That is, will myOrigins tell me if I’m Jewish, Native America, etc.?

The myOrigins tool will often be able to detect ancestry from groups such as Jewish and Native American.

However, it should not be used to disprove [...]