The Kit Authorization page is where you may add those kits that you personally manage to your project administrator profile. This allows you to access them through the GAP with the same security settings as when you access them by signing in directly.

When you enter a kit’s number and password, the authorization will be added to a table on this page. It is also added to the Project Administrators with Full Access table on the My Account – Project Administrator Settings page of the kit owners myFTDNA account.

To set up Full Access:

  • If you have been authorized by a project member to have full access to his/her kit number, enter their kit number and password, then click the Submit button.
  • If you have been authorized by a project member to have full access but do not know the password and your email address is the primary email address on the kit’s account, you may request the password and it will be sent to your email on the Forgot Your Password page.
  • If your email address is not the primary email address on the account, you must contact the person who the kit belongs to and get the password from them.

Note that Full Access is revoked when a customer changes their password. When the password for a kit is changed, you will need to re-authorize access.

As a group project administrator, how do I grant myself full access through the GAP to a kit that I manage?
You do this on the Kit Authorization page of your Group Administration Page (GAP) account. The Kit Authorization page allows you to enter the kit numbers and passwords of those family members and project members you have tested. By doing so, you will be able to access their account through the GAP as though you have signed in directly instead of with the limitations of an administrator. This process is intended for our many administrators who have extensively tested their personal families, so that they do not have to sign in and out of many kits. Use of this tool does not grant you rights the kit owner has not otherwise given to you, i.e., it does not change your responsibility to follow the GAP Guidelines. To use this page you will need the person tested’s kit number and password.

  1. Enter the kit number and passwords in the respective fields.
  2. Click the Submit button.

After adding one or more kits, a table below the Add form will display the kits you have added and provide the option to remove kits.

Note: Full access is granted only as long as the kit owner does not change their password. If they change their password, they will need to give it to you and you will need to repeat the steps above.